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What are you doing on the Net right about now? :)

  • Updated my Java.
    It opened my Opera (the Chrome was open, plus a player), then, when I tried to go to the first left, spare tab, it hung.
    In case that's more than an occasional quirk, I'm considering maybe to try some other installation.

  • Listening to a Scottish station with my newly upgraded Foobar2000.

    Guys, I have a word for you.
    See, when some of you tend to complain, sometimes even whine that the browser's not good enough, you're right. However, for one, I've used lots of software, including browser Opera, while I can't ever remember giving anybody any money for that.
    Not that I could argue against complaining, feedback. I only want us to remember. I, personally, would even like to thank the people who gave me Foobar. For free. To enjoy.
    Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome... They have never sent me a bill for their product.:)

  • ...then, when I tried to go to the first left, spare tab, it hung.
    In case that's more than an occasional quirk, I'm considering maybe to try some other installation.

    It occurred to be an OS memory lack.
    Today I eventually learned that the software may consume up to 5GB for their current operations. On hard. When Windows said it couldn't pee due to a ZERO space for its virtual memory, I resorted to that learning and then undug some GigaPiles in places...

  • Checking low bitrate stations on a radiofeeds site.
    I've made a contribution there:

    (21/07/14): Stream quality for Kinnaird Radio upgraded to 64k, (Thanks, Josh!)

  • Listening to Phonic FM: "Roots and Shoots".
    It's a station in Exeter. Look what they've got on schedule:

    22:00 – 00:00
    Blunt Tools!
    Shambolic blathering and ‘amusing’ features from Frotter and sporadic guest Tools Jimlove, Stoveboy, Helen, Scarysalad et al. Listen out for top notch, expensive jingles by ‘Shirley Manson’! Listen again link posted on our BookFace page here.
    | 1st and 3rd Monday of each month |

  • Today I uploaded a movie to YouTube. In minutes it got blocked.
    Of course...
    It was "Idiocracy".
    I know authors must eat, etc., but that means the idea should gonna be only realised by the minority who watches films for money?
    Plus it's "comedy". Or maybe it's "on the other hand"?
    Who watches comedies? Morons do, I mean outnumbering others.
    Is it good or bad? Imagine a moron having watched this - now he's gonna **ck less or what? Not that simple: 1) he is a moron and he won't realise anything, 2) he's not - in this case he doesn't need to... Right, what? The non-moron should do something?
    What? Go outside with a HUGE pair of scissors? Nah.. well, if you say so...

  • Listening to the "Spendlove and South" show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

  • Just saw The Lincoln Lawyer - .

  • Facebook is having a fever.

  • __What are you doing on the Net right about now? __

    Revealing some truth so others my wake-up to this nice reality we all living in!


  • How do you do underlining?

  • Rainspa, I can't see any video.
    Check the "blocked content" warning in the right of the address field (Opera 23). The video link is in HTTP while the forums are served via HTTPS to logged users.

  • You must be right - now I noticed the shield in the address bar.

    I'm fine, though. I have other browsers to handle that, while in Chrome video became quirky some time ago, so I stopped using it for video altogether (short clips on Facebook though).

  • just popped in. havent been here in awhile. so right now im re writing some CSS codes for a board and fiddling around with photoshop stuff.

  • It's BBC Cambridgeshire playing, in a tab. In my Opera.

  • Just tried a car racing game in another source.
    The thing is that I can't normally browse while playing such flash games: for example, would load for ages.

  • Just browsing around and try to find something to make me feel better .

  • Reporting androids trying to make love.

  • Removing spam posts.

  • Browsing movies, and downloading one. To watch. Pssst!

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