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Why is Opera stopping my Mac sleeping?

  • I use Opera on an iMac and a MacBook Pro.

    MBP is all fine, Opera open and MBP will sleep as per settings no problem.

    On my iMac Opera is constantly keeping my iMac awake and I cannot figure out why.

    No videos playing, no websites open but still Activity Monitor reports that Opera is keeping the Mac awake. I even changed to a static background from an animated one to make sure it wasn't that, but still it wont. I have to close Opera completely for the Mac to sleep.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Why not close Opera after you finish websurfing? What is the point of leaving it running if it is not in use?

  • After websurfing you can easily close your opera.

  • @concretable thank you for this suggestion.

    It is not always something I can or want to do.

    There are MANY occasions where I am working on something or wish to leave a page open to come back to again in a short time, or indeed the next day, I have many many things going on that would mean I would keep the browser open.

    It is not a solution in my mind to be forced to close a browser in order for a computer to sleep when not being used.

  • Or, do you have any running downloads or paused downloads? Opera explicitly prevents sleeping In Windows or mac while it's downloading something.

  • @bean11 No, I checked that too, no DL's running at all.