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--disk-cache-dir + user-cache + --user-data-dir not working

  • Hi!

    I cannot get it working.


    Opera don't create in: "/path/to/.opera-tmpfs/opera/cache"

    Error message in Terminal:

    Failed to create directory /path/to/.opera-tmpfs/opera/cache
    Simple Cache Backend: wrong file structure on disk: 1 path: /path/to/.opera-tmpfs/opera/cache
    Unable to move cache folder /path/to/.opera-tmpfs/opera/cache to /path/to/.opera-tmpfs/opera/cache/old_Cache_000

    The folder .tmp have user r+w access. My small partition of 4GB is a RAM-drive (Ramfs)
    How can I fix that?

  • Are you using "/path/to/...) or are you using a real path? The path needs to be somewhere that you have access to, hence somewhere in either /home or /temp.

  • I only use the --disk-cache-dir like so
    opera --start-maximized --disk-cache-dir=/tmp/cache
    and it does work

    $ ls -R /tmp/cache/
    002ecc7e9b66795a_0  44210bab2d56655b_0  81d63b5b5172bf71_0  bf38f6f253c28461_0
    0072193b1739fe49_0  445e89c261f02c02_0  8213a3f6b03f31f5_0  bf4c2979fc1ff379_0
    01a339fa38a3942e_0  44e983a3724b660c_0  82397ebb51db6c77_0  bf5469c47d5aa9b8_0
    021c62c615967ca0_0  4534b16bfa25c55d_0  824900d73745b431_0  bf7bdf73bfcf42e5_0
    0222c61011cbd36f_0  453ec4097159849c_0  82efa800d30344bf_0  bfc8ed042dea3107_0

    So please make sure the directory you use exists and you have writing access to it. I use the one mentioned above because I keep my /tmp in ram.

    The parameter --user-data-dir does not work probably due to the lack of profiles on opera.