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Continue running background apps when Opera is closed

  • Please add an important Chrome function to the Opera.
    Continue running background apps when Opera is closed.
    With this function, some extensions continue to work in the background when chrome is closed. Due to this, the opening of browser after closing occurs instantly.
    In order for Chrome to open faster, i need to install applications that run in the background ex. Browsec, or hangouts. You can implement this option differently, leaving some kind of opera process that speeds up the opening, without the need to install such applications. This will be a killer feature. Now I switched to opera, and after closing the opera opens very slowly. Deadly slowly

  • @madcat9000 Opera doesn't support apps.

  • @madcat9000 And Opera opens fast enough.

  • @leocg extention, ok. Not the apps.
    And no, opera opening very slow with many extentions.
    Just check by self, set mark in settings Continue running background apps when Chrome is closed. And install Browsec, then close chrome, and open again. You will see a BIIIIG difference
    Not many people knows about this feature in chrome. And the big feature is not just in the work of extention in the background, No. Hided Feature is in fastest reopening browser

  • @madcat9000 But isn't the feature for apps? They run when Chrome is closed as far as I know, not extensions.

  • @leocg not only apps, some extentions can work after browser was closed,
    (browsec, fri-gate cdn. - this is extentions, not the apps) And, as i know, google closed apps, only extentions and themes in their store now. Better to check by self for understanding instant opening. In Ram only extenstion after close. And it's help browser to open very fast

  • @madcat9000 OK then.

    And like I said, for me Opera opens fast enough.

  • @leocg i have on ssd both browsers. No my friend, opera opens with 3 sec of lags. Like chrome without mark on this option. This is very striking when compared. I understand that you do not want to check, but still, anyone with the naked eye will see this.

  • @madcat9000 3 seconds is fast enough for me. And you are right, I will not check because there is no reason for me to do that.

  • @leocg for HDD different numbers ofc. Who make decision about suggestions? Is there any sense that I created this post here?

  • @madcat9000 This area is for users to make suggestions and requests, so your suggestion is in the right place.

  • Re: Continue running background apps when Opera is closed

    Opera startup time may be a deciding factor on desktop PC when you need to open and close browser frequently.
    I, as a programmer need to do it very often: for testing my web applications, for referring documentation and so on.
    It takes me a couple of seconds to start up Opera each time. Recently I switched to Chrome and it's way faster.
    I mean - it's a huge waste of time having to wait those couple of seconds over and over again during the working day.
    So the feature is important - for me such slow startup may be a deal breaker for a browser.

    So no - Opera start is not fast enough for some usage scenarios. Chrome is. Vivaldi is.

    We need this option. Opera uses Chromium code base. So the option seems to be already there, just probably pointlessly disabled.