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Opera 22. Where can I change keyboard shortcuts?

  • Just downloaded the new version of Opera. Everything has changed!

    How do I change keyboard shortcuts now?
    Why doesn't the email keyboard shortcut work now?

    Why is there a 3 pixel gap above the tabs that makes clicking on them more difficult than chrome? (with chrome I just push my mouse to the top and click. With Opera I have to carefully click on the tab, making sure not to click the top 3 pixels above the tabs).

    Thanks a lot!

    Version: 22.0.1471.50 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)

  • That was one of the first thing I looked up because I extensively use keyboard shortcuts for accented characters and guess what? Apparently you can't do custom shortcuts anymore! I looked it up and Chrome doesn't allow that sort of things...

    So you only get the built-in shortcuts (list is in the Help) and that's it. Welcome to the wonderful world of dumbing things down 🙂

    As for the gap, go to the browser's settings, enable the Advanced settings and click the "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximised".
    Thanks to you I learnt what it's for!

  • Well if they are trying to make it more like Chrome, why not just use Chrome?! The only reason I used Opera was because of the customisable shortcuts and the fact that I could access email via the email shortcut.

    Dammit, will stick to an older version.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Dear God, why have they separated the mail into a separate program!? This is my worst nightmare come true!

  • How do I change keyboard shortcuts now?
    Not yet possible. (Except for editing a file AFAIK)

  • 'sessions' have gone too. urghh

  • and 'notes'. I am going to cry

  • Not yet possible. (Except for editing a file AFAIK)

    Where can I edit this file?

    'Yet'? does that mean its coming?

  • oh why have they abandoned everything that was good about Opera!?

  • Because that's the new philosophy.
    I think the fact they released a browser for Mac is the most significant indicator of their new direction...

    In my case, an honest assessment of my usage habits made the transition slightly less hectic, but... yeah. Not cool.

  • There's a Chrome Extension called Session Buddy,

    you can use, as long as you have the Opera Extension called Download Chrome Extension.

  • There's a Chrome Extension called Session Buddy

    Do they have one called 'Relax Buddy'?

  • The one pixel gap can be removed in Settings with Advanced settings enabled.

    The Preferences file is in your \profile\data\ folder — it has no extension, and is much harder to edit than keyboard.ini was. Change this to get your Ctrl Z shortcut back.

    "Keybindings": {
    "Basic": {
    "ReopenLastClosedTab": [ "Ctrl+Z" ]

  • [Mod note: off-topic comment removed. Please don't hijack threads, if you are having issues post on a topic associated to your problem or create a new one.]

  • I posted the need for a good notes extension.

    If you don't mind the notes going through registration on the internet, there may be some possibilities already.

    I prefer not to have to do the registration, so I haven't explored the notes extensions, where on has to register.

  • The history of Opera:

    1. Small and fast
    2. Became free
    3. Thousands of good variables inside the code for easier code maintenance
    4. Variables moved to preferences files on the hard disk for easier editing
    5. Variables moved to in-browser preferences for easier editing
    6. Some noobs complain about to many preferences, everything is removed, hardcoded and not changeable anywhere anymore.

    Some idea:
    Hey folks, if you want to keep your UI clean, why not give us power users the ability to edit everything via preferences files again? Or via Advanced settings? Or via Power User mode? Or via Chrome extensions? Anything?

    The 2% who stuck to Opera over all those years really need this! Support your community.

  • My history of Opera:

    1/ Installed Opera
    2/ Found I couldn't change keyboard controls
    3/ Uninstalled Opera

    If I can't customise something as fundamental as keyboard control, your browser isn't worth shit.