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Select a Tab in a Different Window in One Click

  • Scenario:
    Two Opera windows are open, A and B.
    A has two tabs open, T1 and T2. T1 is selected within window A.
    B has one (or more) tabs. Window B is has the focus.
    Now, click on T2 in the tab bar of Window A.
    Window A receives focus, but T2 is not selected.

    Suggestion - not only should A receive focus (which it does) but tab selection should switch to T2 when clicking on T2 tab in A.


    • It's what users expect; Chrome, Firefox and Safari already do this. (Verified on my MAC)
    • It saves a click.
    • Clicking a particular tab in the tab bar is a plainly intentional act, the clear meaning of which is frustrated by the current implementation.


  • Seems to work as expected on Opera for Windows. Might be a mac-only issue.

  • Or certain particular desktops on Linux.

  • I tried it on Ubuntu (18.04.2 LTS) and it works as desired. So it may well be a macos specific issue.

    In fact, I believe that, in macos, the app code may need to specifically direct change-window-focus clicks to the app if it wishes the app to act on the click beyond the change of window focus.

    Obviously possible though, given Chrome, Firefox and Safari all do it.

    I am running macos 10.14.4 (Mojave).