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Open new tabs right next to the current active one

  • This feature was present until a recent update. Now the new tabs open on the rightmost position, which I find annoying, given the fact that I usually group the same kinds of tabs together; I now have to drag'n'drop them.

  • Cannot confirm. In Opera 60.0.3255.95 64-bit on Win 10 Pro, it works fine for me. If I'm on a page, right-click a link and choose "open in new tab", the new tab is created next to the parent tab and not at the end of the tab bar.

  • @burnout426 Oh my apologies, it is when I open a new tab by middle-clicking a bookmark. I should have checked...

  • I support this feature request. It seems there is no way to make opening new tabs next to currently active one the standard behavior.

  • If you open a page from a bookmark, presumably that has nothing to do with the current tab, so it goes to the end of the line. I expect that to happen, and it does.

  • Hey,
    even though your post is a few months old, already,
    its still at the top of the google search.
    Therefore here is a very simple quick solution.
    Install the addon SimpleTabOrder and you can set exactly
    what was been kicked in Opera settings.

  • Thank you, tonymalony.
    SimpleTabOrder is working now! I used "Classic Tab" before, but it stopped working.