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  • As Micro$**t has been increasing their grubby grip over linux, especially Ubuntu, I've been forced too look into more secure alternatives, and there seems to be nothing more secure than FreeBSD

    I was surprised to find that Opera was actually in the ports, but was then disappointed to find it was only Opera 12...
    not sure how secure that is to use in these days, lack of support aside 😛

    but I'd like to see a return to this platform, because there's no other browser more secure than Opera
    unless I'm wrong in my ignorance and there is actually an open source alternative that actually compares.

    that said though, I don't have a FreeBSD installation on any of my x64 machines
    I have 9 working x86 machines total, and only 3 x64 machines
    but I intend to install FreeBSD on all of them

    if there's a relatively recent x86 release for FreeBSD, please tell me 🙂
    it's a real shame the devs stopped supporting x86, let alone FreeBSD
    but I hope there's at least something better than what's in the ports

  • I'd be surprised if FreeBSD even had the last version of Opera 12 - I thought they dropped BSD support before that,

  • Current Opera is based on Chromium. For now, you can at least install Chromium for FreeBSD and install this speed dial extension to somewhat simulate Opera.

  • @burnout426 that doesn't even come close to comparison though
    closer would be ungoogled-chromium, but not even that has an engine-level ad-blocker
    I'm not interested in the fake VPN that should be called a web proxy

    I'm interested in the security, performance, and efficiency (low memory use) opera has over all chromium-based browsers
    even over most if not all firefox-based browsers

    that's why I was asking for something that could compare

    I should probably note my x86 systems only have up to 2GB of RAM
    so yeah I can't really even run Firefox on them by much 😛

  • For now, could you do something like to enable Linux binary compatibility to run Opera (with a Debian Jail if needed)? Or, do you want to avoid that for the same reason you want to use FreeBSD over Linux?

  • @burnout426 said in FreeBSD support upgrade from Opera 12:

    Or, do you want to avoid that for the same reason you want to use FreeBSD over Linux?

    honestly the reason I installed FreeBSD was because of the whole illusion Microsoft is putting foreward on linux, and because I was recommended it over x86 Arch distros like Void for it's security
    which after installing it compared to Void on the machine I'm typing this message from,
    yeah I can back up that it's efforts in security slightly out-match that of Arch (without systemd), but that Arch still has a much higher level of security compared to Ubuntu-based distros

    being able to use linux-based workarounds in FreeBSD for me isn't an issue as long as I don't have to sacrifice much (if any) of it's security.
    I don't hate Linux, I just hate bad practice and lack of care

    basically, I don't mind using Arch as long as their focus puts security before usability while still maintaining both