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Active tab color (Dark Theme) - need to be changed for saving our eyes!

  • After updating to a new black theme, my eyes began to get tired because It is very hard to find the active tab among the many other open tabs (15-25), because the color of the active tab is too dark! It's not distinctive! I noticed that the color of the highlighted tab under the cursor is brighter than the active one and it will at least be distinguishable during a quick inspection of the all opened tabs. Please make the active tab color the same as the one highlighted by the mouse cursor (and hover tab maybe more brighter). Save our eyes!

  • Also now I spend more time to understand what tab is active right now. Even if I use Ctrl+W for fast tab closing, I can't fast detect what tab is become active after closing. Difference between font colors of inactive and active tab is very small. You may be know what is visual illusions and distortions, so near bright favicons color of the tab titile looks more darker, near dark favicons - more brighter. Imagine what will be if many tabs have many diferent favicons and different text - for eyes it's hard to detect what is brighter. So for eyes can help only more bright active tab or more dark inactive font colors. This is the first time when I start feel discomfort from opera after 10 years of using! I hope designers pay attention for it. I'm designer of UI/UX and know the role of the colors in best user experience.

  • yes. This is difficult to fast find active tab in dark theme and i often closing the wrong tab instead of active.

  • @syberon it's hard, but when opened 20-25 tabs with bright favicons it's impossible at all. Miss-closing of non-active tabs it is my new pain.

    Of course we can restore miss-closed tabs from recently closed menu, but they steel lose all scroll positions and dynamicly loaded data, which can be changed after reloading. Some of sites are heavy and it's not cool to reload them again.

    Also recently closed tabs restore to their previous position, but I can't fast inspect where restored tab located now.

    All this is really new surprize from hell by designers. Maybe they are not active users of Opera or internet. I hope they now understand real pain of real users 😞 All this problems we can aboid by changing colors of active tabs.

  • @dead-module I'm totally agree. The tab navigation is very annoying.
    Would be very useful to have the possibility to configure the Background - Foreground color of ActiveTab
    or make something like this: 9a0a5c71-77d2-451c-8063-0fb0c04f635a-image.png

  • @ggpnet yeah, there are so many ways to mark active tabs or add some tuning options, why they dont test such important things before release? In my company we testing every UI changing. How much we must wait for new update? 😞 it drives me crazy after week of using new opera...

  • I can see the difference in colors here, but I did adjust my display for decent contrast when I bought this machine.. Inactive looks black, active is very dark gray, hover is not quite as dark as that. Not that I wouldn't approve of more contrast ...

  • especially sites where there is a ton of information that must be entered, or in a shopping tab where you have spent hours (even a few days) trying to fill up a cart of specific items then boom, all goes away when you have to reopen the site, js many sites are like this....

  • I simply had to disable the dark theme, waiting for the solution to this ... absurd ...

  • Notice the lack of contrast between the text and the background. Surely these developers can do better than that?

  • Please, something like "tab mix plus" for FF functionality.
    I'm visually impaired.