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The option to disable Downloads Icon/Popup

  • This issue is actual for anyone who downloads files. And the more he downloads files, the greater the impact for him.

  • @anonan You are right, you said 5000 downloads but didn't mention a list.

    Anyway, I guess the question could be changed to: Why someone would do 5000 downloads in a time interval short enough to even start making the download pop-up possibly annoying?

  • @leocg said in The option to disable Downloads Icon/Popup:

    5000 downloads in a time interval short enough

    Why for short interval? 5000 can be count of downloads for some months. And it would be 5000 additional clicks.

    For example: downloading pictures from a gallery where navigating with a click (for example:
    -Right click, Save As, Save + click (to go to the next image)
    -Right click, Save As, Save + click
    -Right click, Save As, Save + click
    -Right click, Save As, Save + click

    -Right click, Save As, Save, POPUP -> additional click, + click
    -Right click, Save As, Save, POPUP -> additional click, + click
    -Right click, Save As, Save + click // (big size of a file)
    -Right click, POPUP -> SECOND Right click, Save As, Save, POPUP -> additional click, + click // Pop-up closes the context menu
    -Right click, Save As, Save POPUP -> additional click , + click

    In case when I open some pages that contains a picture (to download it and close immediately), the pop-up don't allow me close the tabs via Ctrl+W. And I need click on the page, and only after that close the tab.

    So it's annoying even you download a bit of files. Even one file. Because it requires to do an additional click to continue to work with the page.

    I especially hate when this pop-up interrupts my typing or selecting text in address bar. Or when I type text in other place, even in a Bookmark description.

  • @anonan Well, months is not exactly a short interval in this case.

    And the additional click would be for....? Here I don't seem to need that extra click.

  • @leocg I have tested it with (You can reproduce it here: (just an example gallary)), ok, other sites may no do require to be in focus (for it the click is needed) to handle a click to navigate to the next page (or for something other), but anyway the loosing of page focus have the other negative effects (closing of context menu, an interrupt of working with a text, non working shortcuts).

  • Did you try without the additional click? Presuming the item you want to click on is not under that notification, click directly on it.

  • My bad, I have not tested all things before posting here the report.
    So, I'll fix this:
    Pop-up does not prevent using of shortcuts (Opera 58 and 60). Probably on older version they work in this way, I have written it by memory, or may be I had mistake. Ok.

    This example applies only on (and may be on other site, that requires to have a focus on the page). You can test it by yourself with that gallery (It's just gallery with cats wallpaper). But. is one of the world popular site in the world (№19), especially in Russia (№3).

    Closing a context menu, and interruption of work with text by that pop-up are applies on every site.

    So the shortest problem description – side effect.

    And as I said in the first post, it can be useful for people that use a third party extension. To do not have unnecessary icon on the tool bar. For example: Opera's Downloads extension is not perfect at all (works slow and buggy, does not show file size*, do not allow quickly (and conveniently) go to the file in Explorer).

    *On Opera 58 file size was showed at least on the Downloads page (but not on Recent downloads pop-up). On Opera 60 file size does not show even on Downloads page. One more thing of "improvement" of Opera 60 update.

  • Although shortcuts (Ctrl+W) works when pop-up is appeared, but other keys does not work. I can't use the space button to scroll down the page, or use other keys in case when a site allows you to interact with it via A,S,D,W and other keys.

  • I am not a big fan of the "download complete" notification box that pops up after each one. In some cases, it actually seems to get in the way. For example, when saving images in Gmail, that pop-up interrupts the ability to use the keyboard to cycle to another image and creates and extra step to go through.

    This might be a minor thing, but the extra clicks required made me migrate away from Opera some time ago, and I had hoped the newest versions of the browser added a setting for that. Even the new Opera GX doesn't seem to have the ability to disable it.

  • @mvelt This Chrome extension has fixed it for me, download it and check "hide download shelf" it seems as the popup uses same code so it doesn't show anymore:

    In order for this to work however, first You have to install "Install Chrome extensions" extension:

  • @v8powerage Looks to be working so far. Thanks for directing me to this, I really appreciate it!

  • This post is deleted!
  • Created an account. Just to come here and post thank you for this... I use Opera to save pages to pdf I can not get elsewhere automated and the popup broke immersion for the scripts. Works perfect! Thanks!

  • First result on google. So I am posting here.

    This dude, seems to have a solution.