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What is your Weather? :)

  • It's been cold. Last night got down to 11F. Now, tonight it's supposed to be warmer. However, there is a problem. That warmth comes with freezing rain. Tomorrow this place will look like an ice-skating rink, and certain parts of the Interstate system will resemble a demolition derby.

    Sure hope they don't call me out tonight.

  • Good luck, Mike. Hope all drivers are safe and sound. I've a friend in Buffalo and they really took a beating. Here on the coast it's just rain and high winds.

  • I saw that thing about Buffalo. They get hit every year, but this was worse than usual.

    For those who don't know: Buffalo NY is at the East end of Lake Erie, which is why they get hit so hard by snowstorms. The prevailing Westerlies sweep down the length of the lake, picking up lots and lots of moisture on the way, and as soon as the winds hit land they dump their moisture on Buffalo and the nearby areas. They get feet to our inches, here even Northwest Indiana and Lower Michigan (our nearby snowbelt territory, fueled by Lake Michigan) don't get hit as hard as Buffalo does.

  • Something around 28º C here. Kinda hot.

  • Still 8 °C here, but not as cloudy as Wednesday - even some sun. 🙂

  • Kinda thaw.
    (Though there's nothing to actually thaw yet.)

  • It is cloudy today, I hope it rains enough.

  • I hope it rains enough.

    Enough for what ?, to get wet ?.

    In other news, Cloudy with intermittent light rain.

  • I hope it rains enough.

    Enough for what ?, to get wet ?.

    Some places are suffering from lack of water because it doesn't rains (enough) since a long time.

  • Temperatura: -2.1 °C

    Wilgotność: 72.2 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 992.8 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 1.5 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 122.6 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

  • You didn't mention <abbr title="cloud cover">oblachnost</abbr>:)

  • Temperatura: 2.3 °C

    Wilgotność: 81.8 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 996.3 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 0.1 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 249.5 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

  • Cloudy, cool, about 34F, maybe getting to 31f for the low tonight.

    Moderate temps this weekend.

  • Till the end of December it's forecast not so much winter, but I see a month fc: the NY (it's not New York) week glimpses marvellous -

    29 Mon.-

    −14 snow
    −21 etc.-

    −20 good snow

    −20 good snow


    −16 snow

    −24 sun

    −23 sun

    −18 sun

  • Test...

  • It's getting cold. 😞

    Like 1 °C this morning and a few days ago -3 °C in the morning. I guess I move to Florida. Aren't Alligators tasty? 😃

  • It's warm here, Blackcoder - about -3°C*:D*
    And I even saw two snowpiles today - about 1cm thick and several inches wide*:lol:*

  • It's a great morning for slipping, sliding and ambulance riding. Not so great for driving, which is why I'm glad I'm sitting here and not driving in it.

    It's at freezing, rain/ice/sleet/snow. This morning's commute should be something else.

  • Temperatura: 1 °C

    Wilgotność: 95 %

    Ciśnienie Atmosferyczne: 990.1 hPa

    Siła wiatru: 0 m/s

    Kierunek wiatru: 68 °

    Opady deszczu: 0 mm

  • 0°C, cloudy,

    and we're facing such shitty weather for another week...
    Snow fell*🆙* though not much, but we're forecast for some snow tonight and for a couple next days*🆙* Hope it won't melt entirely.

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