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  • Unless you're gonna hide something – except for that, here you/we're expected to tell each other a bit about ourselves.
    Not much! Just a little;)

    For example, what were you on MyOpera?
    Say, my real username wasn't a "joshl". It was JoshL (the 'L' was added upon the registering because there was already such a username without 'L'). Also we could use nicknames, right?
    Mine was just that "Josh" (like a name - as it was;).
    I used to have a few photoalbums; also I tried some blogging -- initially, because later I primarily migrated to the Forums - particularly "Debates & Discussions" (sometimes "the Lounge", as an addition).
    Guess what? I'm Russian, live in Russia, but my primary net language is English, British English. Ask me why!..:D

  • Well, I was in doubt if I stayed in My Opera or not, I had my account closed and opened several times. When I decided to stay it was too late. I miss the old forum.

  • Me too

  • Every time I remember it, I think: man, that was really awesome, they dI'd not need to close everything

  • Are you on Facebook? There's a group there - "MyOpera Refugees" -- you're welcome!

  • Are you on Facebook? There's a group there - "MyOpera Refugees" -- you're welcome!

    I didn't find anything.

  • MyOpera Refugees.

  • Ok, Joshi, why is your primary net language English? And do you drink vodka? Can you play chess? (isn't that a Russian strength?) And do you read Dostoevski? Hmmmm, it's so much easier to ask questions than answer them. 😉

    1. Because I'm crazy. I've loved English since my preschool years. Any foreign language to know is anyway a very useful thing, right? It opens you to more world than without it. (Another reason is a sorta escape from the unpleasant surrounding, to pretend belonging to a wider world..)
    2. I drink tea and coffee.
    3. I prefer racing games
    4. Enough idiots to read about a fictional one.
    5. Morning!
  • Yes, I'm having my coffee right now. Hmmmm, it's good/wonderful. I agree about foreign languages. My second language is French, and it's great fun for me to read in it.

  • What do you read in French?:)

  • What do you read in French?:)

    Words ?. 😃

  • He should go to Jersey and apply his knowledge;)

  • @joshi

    I like to read a lot of French, but especially thrillers, police novels, sometimes better books.

    Yes, words, for sure, linuxmint7 🙂

  • Let's see: leushino is obviously not my name but rather a place in Russia. I'm Orthodox and years ago I read a book about the monastery in Leushino and it captured my imagination. My father, by the way, was born in Russia "before" the revolution (another long story) but the family fled to Canada where I was born. Today I live in the US and our son is a distinguished software engineer with Microsoft Corporation. He is one of the leaders in the Xbox division and doing extremely well. We're very proud. I've used Opera for years (along with Netscape back in the day). That's about it for me. 🙂 BTW... lem729 I want to commend you for your hard (and patient) work with those asking questions and presenting problems. I'm sure the Opera team appreciate your efforts.

  • Blackbird, where are you from?

  • @leocg
    Leo, where are you there?

  • Originally born in Canada but now live on the west coast of the USA.

  • "Originally born" sounds interesting - implementing there's possible another birth, not so original;)

  • Yeah... didn't express that very well. 🙂