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Opera won't play (CBS AllAccess) BlueBloods

  • @bidoux said in Opera won't play (CBS AllAccess) BlueBloods:

    @burnout426 -have tested with PortableApps which is Version:63.0.3368.71 - set all_urls along with that flag you suggested, (did it for regular desktop version too) - still no go.

    In addition to that, turn on the opera://flags/#ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere flag, restart Opera and try again.

  • @burnout426 - thought that might do the trick but it didn't (shrug).

    As leocg said, CBS probably has to fix it.
    It's not the first time Opera has been "blacklisted".

    Besides, i don't do MSM much anymore.
    This just helps to steer me away even more.

  • It shouldn't help, but another thing to try, if you want:

    Goto the URL opera://settings/system, turn off hardware acceleration, relaunch Opera and try again (with and without the other workarounds previously mentioned).

  • No go burnout426.
    Even with the extension disabled (along with a couple others for good measure).

  • Hi @bidoux, have you tried it with the latest Opera stable - currently 64.0.3417.61 ? Also, it looks like the CBS needs the Widevine version for the specific platform, and the videos are available to replay for specific regions/countries.
    Do you see the Widevine listed on the opera:components page? If so, try to update it to the latest version - click the "Check for update" button.

    Besides the above, I noticed (reading your previous comments) you may use the Opera under Linux, is that correct? If so, on Linux it could be even more problematic. First of all, you need to use the correct "libffmpeg" version to make it works at all - if this is still Xenial, you can check this one.

  • @l33t4opera - quick reply to yours.

    Yes, 64.0.3417.61 is the latest on both Windows 10 and MX19rc1 (this one doesn't have Widevine and i only noticed the rest of your post after booting into Windows).

    The Windows version has:
    Widevine Content Decryption Module - Version: 4.10.1440.18 (with no update available).

  • opera no longer plays cbs nbc abc web players - Error Message: players require browsers with HLSopera and web players.png

  • On Windows 10 PC

  • @farmerfifi3 There's an HLS-specific thread (for Opera Developer, but the original post was when 64 was the Opera Developer version) about this.

    Not much analyzing going on except to change your user-agent to mask as Chrome and use Opera Developer (v66 right now).

  • That's okay, they don't deserve much more attention anyway.

    When you consider ABC News recent reports on attacks in Syria with a video from military exercise in KY state in 2017 - who wants to hear or see about more fake news anyway?

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