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Way to give bug reports and feedback(suggestions/feature requests) within Opera UI

  • Menu -> Help -> "Report and issue..." would be nice if it wouldn't open a webpage for it. Also would be nice if there was a "Suggestions and Features" form within UI around there too or at least a link to this forum section.

  • And how would you report the bugs without a webpage for you to write about it? And what difference would it make if a web page is opened or not?

  • Just a pop-up window within opera with slots to fill. Makes it a bit easier step to report bugs. I consider easy and fast on that matter good as it usually makes people to do it more often. Not sure if it's same for everyone but for me bug reports within programs makes it an easier step and I do it more often. Could do it while some other page is open too without opening more as it would be just a pop-up with form slots to fill, not a new tab/page.

  • A pop-up would be a web page.

  • I know what you mean put I mean lets use this example..

    Lets say I'm on a webpage and some feature of the browser doesn't work on the site

    How it is now so A
    A ) I go to menus and then find & click feedback. Then I get another page as an active tab. While filling it I require more information from the page I was on which might be one of the 50 tabs or so.. So I need to find it. Once I do, I open a notepad and type any information there so I can just use it on the side once I go back to that feedback page. That's how it's now for me if I have that many tabs open.

    What I suggested so B
    B ) I go to menus and then find & click feedback. Then I start filling that popup(I don't mean webpage popup but some UI based popup with form slots to fill) and notice I require some information from the page so I move the window a bit to the right and keep on filling from the site.. Or just close it, type information from the page that is still open to a notepad, go back to feedback and then fill it with that.

    Perhaps I'm just too used to reporting bugs and suggestions with Windows 10 Insider Preview(been in it from before Win10 was released) within the OS. I don't know anything about opera code but of course it could be possible it doesn't even support UI popups. About and Update Check links from the menus open just pages in tabs too but with them I wouldn't even feel the need to have the page open when I've gone there. EDIT: Actually now that I think about it might just drag the tab where some feature bugs to my second monitor and after that go to report it so I have the page on the second screen but not all have a setup like that.

  • Well, until the latest version (or maybe the last couple of versions), you would need to find out by yourself how to report a problem. So having a shortcut to the bug report wizard was already a big progress.

    A tab will usually open next to the current one or at the right of all other tabs, so that's not so difficult to find it.

    Depending on the issue, you can click on the smile icon at the address bar and give your feedback about what is wrong with that page.

    The pop-up would need to have everything from and, if we are talking about Opera for computers, also everything, what means that it would need to be a big pop-up.

    Regarding suggestions, I think that they should be made on a public place so they can be discussed by the users.