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  • Hi,
    I installed MX Linux alongside Linux Mint to try it. Didn't like it, didn't install it correctly, I picked uk as my locale, thinking it was the country when it was in fact Ukraine. As a result I got a lot of Ukrainian or Russian texts and couldn't understand anything. I thought I'd just forget about it and use Mint which was already installed. However, this installation got corrupted while installing MX Linux, so I had to install Mint again. It took me 3 attempts to get it right. On the first 2 attempts, I had not formatted the partition, which was great in a way as not all my settings were lost but the sound did not work. The sound card was not recognised.
    Anyway, 3rd attempt, I formatted the partition and installed Mint 19.1. But now my browser's (Opera 58.1) preferred language (not display lang) is Russian/Ukrainian. I go to Google, Duckduckgo, Yahoo and they all display in this language.
    I did a lot of searching online and while I came across an article advising me to change the preferred language, I could not find this option. I did set up synchronisation while I was in MX Linux. This may have picked up the Russian element and is now propagating it to this new install of Opera on this new install of Mint. Otherwise I cannot see why it's all in Russian.
    Could somebody show me how to change this language setting? Chrome is not affected btw.

  • Settings > Advanced > Languages (or something like that) > Languages

  • That was the first thing I tried. The browser is displayed in English but many of the websites I go to the first time are not.
    I've read that the order of the language sets the preferred language, so if French is first and English second and set as display language, then the browser is displayed in English and the sites are requested in French. Tried that but still getting Russian.

  • Is VPN enabled by chance? Some sites think that connections from the VPN server comes from Russia, Ukraine, etc.

  • @leocg
    No, no VPN.