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  • I noticed I was getting the occasional pop-up notification Which annoyed me greatly since Opera is supposed to be a privacy minded browser. Long story short; I followed a link to the settings in the hope I could remove the offending source.

    To my annoyance, bordering on absolute outrage, I noticed that in Content Settings > Notifications, that there were, not one, but two, Google url's, namely* and*.

    As if this wasn't bad enough, the only information I could get was that an extension is responsible for this. An extension? Not very helpful at all. So I duly went so view my extensions, and lo and behold what do I see? The only extension that I have is Opera Ad Blocker.

    As it stands there is no possible way to remove this extension, only disable it. There is absolutely no way to edit the notification settings and get rid of the offending url's. Allowing Google unfettered access to my notifications is like letting Jimmy Saville have access to nursery full of children. Google are the worst offenders of privacy with their monopolistic practices. Period. This is totally unacceptable and needs to be sorted by those developing Opera.

    I've already kicked Microshyte into touch by getting rid of their latest spyware platform, namely Win 10 and moving to Linux. A decision where the only regret is that I should have done it years ago. If Opera doesn't sort this out I will switch browsers. Period. I will not have anything to do with Google on my PC and that definately includes my browser. I wan't the chance to choose. No choice is not an option I will accept.

  • There was this thread about your problem some months ago, but no solution was found

    Provided that you do find the offending extension, you may not be able to disable it, but you can change what it can access.

  • I live in hope that the developers will see this post and take it seriously, with a view to either correct the option by allowing the user to remove the two url's manually or the option to remove the whole extension and thus the two url's. It is totally unacceptable to do otherwise and ignore this issue.

    The developers need to realize that people who choose a browser on privacy grounds, are probably going to be astute enough to go through the privacy settings with a fine tooth comb. At the end of the day, there is no explanation as to why those two urls are there and no option to remove them. Not good!

  • This is not related to adblocker. It's one of built in extensions which allows context menu copy/paste to work on In non chromium browser a popup appears asking to install chrome extension to allow this. To avoid this popup Opera uses built in extension to allow this, which has a drawback of adding this enforced permissions.

  • May I ask why I do not have these in chromium (73) on linux, chromium (75) and chrome (73) on windows? Chromium in linux and windows may be "ungoogled", but the regular chrome is definitely not.

    However, your explanation seems logical to me and thank you for providing it.

  • It seems my chrome on windows is "different" now, because I have removed google docs, youtube etc from chrome://apps and removing them also removes the forementioned entries in the notifications settings.

    I just checked a friend's installation and, since the google stuff is still in chrome://apps, the entries in the notification settins are there too.

  • @mgeffro Thank you for providing the explanation. However, I am still not happy with enforced permissions. I would rather have the pop up and the choice to choose and to remove Google any time I wish. Period.