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Opera 50 does not remember the user or password

  • Hello.
    I have a problem with several sites, in which the opera does not remember the user or password, even though it is saved in the manager. The rest of the pages where there are fields to enter the login and password are filled in automatically.
    I am asking for a hint and help.

  • I have had this same problem since upgrade to O 49

  • @Operes One answer might be to use a bookmarklet (a small javascript program stored in a bookmark; do a web or Wikipedia search on bookmarklet for more info).

    To set up the bookmarklet, go to
    and copy link address to clipboard (there are other sites with similar bookmarklets; this is one that works for me). Create a new bookmark with any name you like, and paste from the clipboard to the bookmark address field.

    You will need to use the bookmarklet each time you visit a "problem" site, so you may decide this is more trouble than it's worth. To use the bookmarket, go to the site with the username/password field, then bring up Opera's bookmarks page and tap the bookmark. Opera should then return to the username/password page. You must then activate the username field by tapping it. If nothing has previously been saved, type username/password as usual and Opera should offer to save. If the password has previously been saved, tapping the username field should cause usename/password to be filled in (if there is more than one username associated with the site, tapping the username field should bring up a selection box).

    An alternative to bringing up Opera's bookmarks page and tapping the bookmark, is to start typing the bookmark name in the URL/search field. With default Opera settings, the bookmarklet should eventually be shown as a search suggestion. Tapping that suggestion will run the bookmarklet.