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Opera sync keeps adding deleted bookmarks

  • Hi there,

    I've got this problem for several months now and it's really frustrating.
    I've got Opera on my PC, my laptop and my smartphone.
    The PC is the main device and the other devices are supposed to 'follow' it.
    Everything worked perfectly until some time last year.

    Since then, Opera keeps re-adding bookmarks that I deleted. Whenever I reorganize and/or delete my bookmarks, they come back after the next sync.

    This eventually led to me deactivating sync for bookmarks for a while.
    A few days ago I actually had to reactivate it to get some bookmarks onto my laptop.
    And now that I'm home, of course Opera sync screwed up my whole bookmarks again.
    I had deleted and restructured my bookmarks on my PC recently and now it's just a convoluted mess. 😩

    When this problem started to occur, I was assuming the Opera devs would fix this bug pretty quickly, because before it was working perfectly and nothing had changed on my end.
    But since then nothing's happened. Opera Sync is basically unusable for me since then.

    So now I'm really hoping this bug gets fixed.
    Or if someone experienced the issue before and knows a solution, I'd gladly try it out too.

    Best regards and thanks in advance

  • Did you empty the trash after have deleted the bookmarks?

    As far as I know, there is no main device in sync and all devices synchronize with all other devices.

    If you want different bookmarks on your different Opera installations then maybe you need separated accounts.

  • @leocg No, I don't want different bookmarks on different installations. The bookmarks on my devices are already the same.
    I don't even know where those old bookmarks are coming back from. They shouldn't exist.
    And yes, I emptied the trash after deleting them, and after the sync they always come back.

    The thing is, this used to work just fine until some time last year. Having sync on never made old bookmarks return.

    I just turned on sync again yesterday because I sold (and reset) my laptop and all my 'work' of several months became undone again. Now my bookmarks are full of entries I deleted months ago (the same ones that came back when I first posted here).

    I wish Opera would at least let met see what bookmarks they stored on their server for me, and just let me delete them there. It's my data after all, why can't I access it?
    In my opera sync account, it says I have 10(!) devices. But that's not true, I currently have only 2. And no way of deleting those other 8 devices Opera apparently thinks I'm still using.

  • Sadly I can't edit my last post anymore, just wanted to add that I reset the sync data now, let's see if it fixes the problem.

  • Ugh, this is so frustrating. Everytime I need to use Opera Sync, it happens again. This time it even lead to duplicated speed dial entries! Had to delete all of them manually.

    Since deleting all the sync data didn't help, I'll just create a new Opera account. Still very disappointed that Opera won't fix this critical, feature-breaking bug.

  • Did you empty the bookmarks trash?

  • @leocg Yes, as I already mentioned in my reply from 17 days ago... 🙄

  • I would love to know when you are going to fix this problem. I have deleted the same 20 duplicate bookmarks 5 times today, I've attempted to empty the trash, but no mater how many times I hit yes empty trash, nothing happens. I go back to the previous folder and all the duplicates are there again.