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Active tab color! Make her color more distinctive.

  • .... like green. So that when the user wants to close it, by mistake did not close another tab.

  • @azot In both light and dark theme, the active tab has a different color than inactive. However, Opera still has only two preset appearance settings to choose from. I appreciate the functionality of Opera, so I do not intend to change my browser. However, in this respect, the Vivaldi viewer has more settings - a lot of color settings of individual elements (creating your own theme in many respects) and even automatic switching between 2 themes based on the time. Opera could have similar settings, but no, not because it's hard to distinguish between active and inactive cards. Just because it has richer settings.

  • Well? How long does it take to option highlight features for a single tab? I am trying Opera after around 15 years being a fervent Firefox user. Still am a fervent Firefox user, and Firefox has several ways to manage tab coloration. Anything would be better than the choice to combine dark gray with black. So fix that.

  • I was fine until the most recent update. Now I actually cannot see a difference between a selected tab and an inactive one, when using dark theme.

    I am a giant opera fan and have been for years. This is a deal breaker for me, it tilts me to no end.

  • I have the same issue

  • This.

    It is my number one complaint. Dark theme, 5 windows and 78 open tabs (don't ask) and no hope whatsoever of knowing which tab was active. At least point me to where I can mod the UI like one can with Firefox. Or make such a tweak available.

  • Same issue. Please change active tab color !

  • Agree! Or make active tab with same border like address bar.

  • Yes! It's drives people crazy looking for the active tab button.

  • @chlf99 Yes, it's the most important usability deficiency for me. Should be so simple to remedy. E.g., look at Windows 10 taskbar or Firefox.

  • The same here, I like Opera but this kind of being messy in terms if UX & UI might annoy.