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  • Hi,
    I use opera on my mobile, windows and linux pcs but have a problem with ubuntu.
    Opera very slow starts it takes 30 - 45 seconds on ubuntu pc that it has intel i5 cpu 8 gb ram.

    How can I solve this problem ? Or how can I find problem ?

  • Launch it from a terminal and check what messages it prints as output there...

  • I get this error

    [23991:23991:0204/] Not implemented reached in virtual void libgtkui::X11InputMethodContextImplGtk::SetSurroundingText(const base::string16 &, const gfx::Range &)

  • I get the same error as you, plus a couple more, but opera still lauches in les than 1 sec.
    Try disabling all your addons and hardware acceleration as well.

  • @jimunderscorep

    I tried this command $opera --disable-extensions to disable addons but again I waited 30 - 45 seconds. I don't get any other errors.
    How can I view opera logs if exist.

  • It's the time for Opera to show up? Or it's the time for it to be ready to use?

    Maybe you can use some tool to measure the loading time and see what is taking so long.

    The problem happens with a clean profile?

  • @leocg

    this time for Opera show up. How to start Opera with clean profile ?

  • You need to rename the current profile directory. Check menu > Help > about Opera for the path.

  • I deleted /home/user/snap/opera folder but nothing changed.


    I've remove opera from ubuntu software center and downloaded last version from opera. I deleted all of opera folder in my home folder. And reinstalled from deb file now it opens in one second

    thanks for help

  • @abasko said in opera starts very slow !:


    this time for Opera show up. How to start Opera with clean profile ?

    I think opera should include a switch like this one.

    chromium --temp-profile

    Self explanatory I guess and a life saver in situations like this one. The only thing you have to do before running it is to close any chromium instance that is running.