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Feature request for DEVS ... to REMOVE the SIDEBAR completely (100%) ... (plz and thx) ...

  • Love Opera, but one thing keeps me from using it 100%. The sidebar is so out of place. Even when I disable the sidebar, the outline still remains when all active tabs are closed, and I am on the page with the speed dial links. The outline of the sidebar is at the left at all times, and does not mesh in well with the overall look of the browser. Can the developers please incorporate an option for folks to completely disable the sidebar, even when it's "disabled," but still leaves a blank outline of where it would be otherwise if enabled? What does everyone else think? Yea or nay? Thanks!

  • Truth be told... I don't make use of it either although I can see that most do and have no issues with that. Our work flow and/or usage varies. I'd just as soon be able to eliminate it entirely if I had the option to do so. Know Vivaldi has the same feature and it's just one of those things I never made use of.. .even back in the days of Netscape's last browsers. Just no need for it.

  • It isn't disabled. The options are to show it all the time or only on internal pages (speed dial, bookmarks, etc.)

  • Wanted to come back here and say that if Opera prides itself on offering options and customization to its users, it really should follow up on this suggestion, and get rid of the outline of the sidebar when it is disabled. I don't know what sgunhouse meant when he (or she?) said it "isn't disabled." What I would like to see is a totally clean interface when I am on a blank tab or a tab with just the speed dials (with or without wallpapers) that does not show anything that reminds users of how the sidebar is (or could be) there. Great browser otherwise. Thanks, and I hope the developers will follow up.