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Opera no longer allowing users to delete search history on all sites

  • I updated to 58.0.3135.47 and now I can no longer delete my search history. I don't mean the browser history, I mean the stuff you enter into a website's search box. Before the update, I would be able to delete the previous searches by clicking on to the search box and then hitting the 'X' that appeared at the end of each previous search entry. Now that X is totally gone from most pages and I am no longer able to delete those previous searches unleess I use an extension! 😡 However, if I disable the extension whatever I it deleted is still listed when I click on the site's search box! How am I supposed to get rid of previous searches without having to probably delete all the data stored on Opera?! I'm not going to reset Opera again, since the last time I did, all my extensions got deleted even tho' it said that that wouldn't happen. Give us back our right to delete whatever we want from the search history on ALL sites!!!😡

  • Actually. I thought it would be possible to mark the entry and delete it with the Delete button. But you can actually delete it in any way. I agree with the author of the topic. It should be such a possibility! Only now, treat it as an error (shortcoming) or add a proposal of "new functionality"?

  • Is this going to be fixed?

  • Set the "chrome://flags/#enable-autofill-native-dropdown-views" flag to disabled.

  • @johnd78 said in Opera no longer allowing users to delete search history on all sites:

    Set the "chrome://flags/#enable-autofill-native-dropdown-views" flag to disabled.

    Thank you so much!

  • The is a solution I read in a Chrome forum, which works here too:
    Place the mouse pointer over a suggested item, the cursor is position at the beginning of the item. Press Shift + Del and it will be deleted.