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Food :)

  • grits

    Grits refers to a ground-corn food of Native American origin, that is common in the Southern United States and eaten mainly at breakfast. Modern grits are commonly made of alkali-treated corn known as hominy.
    Grits are similar to other thick maize-based porridges from around the world such as polenta. "Instant grits" have been processed to speed cooking.
    The word "grits" derives from the Old English word "grytt," meaning coarse meal.[1] This word originally referred to wheat and other porridges now known as groats in parts of the UK. Maize, unknown in Europe in the Middle Ages, is a food derived from corn (a New World plant) and "corn" had been used to describe wheat products in many European regions. "Grits" may be either singular or plural; historically, in the American South the word was invariably singular notwithstanding its plural form (cf. such food names as "spaghetti" or "linguine", likewise plural in form).

    I didn't know that.

  • What greens do you eat?
    Do you like dill?

  • Leo, your image corrupts this page's layout (sometimes).
    Would you like to resize or replace it?

  • I have sympathy for animals, so I've become a vegetarian, though because of pizza -- which I believe was probably the Biblical manna which fell from heavens -- (imagine that, pizzas falling from the sky, and Moses and his followers catching the pizzas from hand as they fell ;))) I do not exclude from my diet, milk, cheese, or eggs. I mean, how can one tolerate pizza without cheese. It's unthinkable to me. Therefore, technically I'm called an Ovo-lacto vegetarian. Now to balance the good health qualities of the vegetarian diet, I thrive on lots of coffee, which clears up my mind sufficiently to participate in the Opera forum. If i haven't had enough coffee, I get lost somewhere between Presto and Blink, and have trouble expressing myself in a coherent sentence. As for Opera Presto and Opera Blink, they're both wonderful browsers, so with a glass of wine in hand (And by the way, I get my daily water supply from coffee and wine), I offer a toast to both.

  • I have sympathy for animals, so I've become a vegetarian...

    Don't you have sympathy for vegetables!?

  • Of course. When I eat a vegetable, I fulfill it's primary purpose in life. Being eaten. 🙂 It smiles then and says, "thank you."

  • Having some meatballs, I'd like a glass of red wine... I have none...

  • Having some tea with freshly bought cookies:yummi:

  • with a salamiwich😉

  • i simply adore grits. the way i prep it is just to boil water, add sugar sustitute for enhanced taste. accompanied by toast, fruit cup with cottage cheese. my wife adds brown gravy to grits which i detest.

  • Having [instant] hot chocolate with curd-filled crêpes:

  • waffles, swimming in a buttery pool of syrup..accompanied by bangers

  • No crêpes today.
    A couple of drumsticks with some ready veg.stew.

  • Bought some cheese now - to put on bread to chew on tea etc. Half a pound.

  • Drinking some coffee-chocolate mix.
    Chewing on a piece of chicken with it.

  • Boiled/stewed some ready veggie-mix with mushrooms. Added an egg at the end of cooking.
    Not exactly very tasty, but I hope it will be moderately nutritious...:left:

  • Bought a box of cheap "beef-steaks", though I'm guessing it's not exactly beef and they're not exactly steaks.
    Readying to taste...:babydon'tlook:

    Yeah, it rather tastes like bull shit than beef meat.
    I'm still alive though;)

  • Beef steak = Horse

  • As long as I'm in, it's your national issue-:lol:

  • Black Chinese tea with white bread and creamy "caviare" spread seems (feels) right.🆙 Half a teaspoonful of sugar in the tea (~40cl cup).

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