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How do I customize tabs for multiple rows (wrapping)? Was that only an older version?

  • It's described here, but when I follow these directions I don't get the option of "customize" on the latest version I just downloaded (or "appearance" or "wrap"). Brand new to Opera, but if I can't initiate rows for tabs (wrapping), I may have to keep searching. . . Assumed this was basic with most browsers at this point -- thanks for any input/guidance!

  • You can't do that with Opera 21, but with an extension you can, when you click on that extension (from the icon bar) see rows/columns of your tabs side by side. I was thinking of "Too Many Tabs for Chrome" which is available in the Chrome Store. That extension helps in the handling of a large number of tabs.

    To use a Chrome extension, all you need is the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension."

  • Okay the Opera/Chrome extension is added -- should I restart before adding the Chrome original? Restart after adding both? Does that matter for Windows 7? Thanks for all your help!

  • No tabs are loading in any of the Opera windows now lol, so guess I will re-start 🙂

  • If it's installed, the icon should show up on the icon bar -- to the right of the address bar. If the icon shows up there, it is ready to go. If it doesn't then maybe it was downloaded, but not yet installed.

    I'M assuming you downloaded first the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension (which is essential here). With it, you can download and install a Chrome extension. However that Chrome extension doesn't install till you click the Opera Menu, go to Extensions, and then manually click install. Once the the icon shows up to the right of the address bar, it should already be working.

    Just click on the icon and explore a little. It's especially for people who have a lot of tabs open at the same time. You can even drag inactive tabs to a place where they go into a hibernate status, using no computer resources. At least 🙂 that's my understanding.

    Let us know if you haven't been able to get it working. It should be easy, and once you can do this, then you know how to get any extension in the Chrome store. For the Opera add-on store, when you click that you want it, they install automatically. You don't have to manually install them.

    One final thing. There are other extensions in the Chrome store for people who use a lot of tabs (and maybe some in the Opera store -- when I checked, it didn't have much on that issue) that could change: we need to ask developers to port their extensions to the Opera store) -- but I thought of this TooManyTabs for Chrome extension for you, because people who use it generally seemed to like it a lot. It's quite popular. However, don't hesitate to look further, as you may well find another extension on tab management that you like. Now sometimes that search window in the Chrome goes nowhere (seems to freeze for me), so I recommend maybe a google search (or use your favorite search engine) for something like ,"tab management extension, Chrome store" or something like that if you want to look further.

  • Says it's installed via Menu and Extensions, but there's no icon to the right of the address bar, and I've restarted the 'puter a few times in the interim. Aargh. Suggestions? Thanks!

  • Do you have the icon set to hidden in the extension settings ?.

  • Nope. "Hide From Address Field" is NOT checked, and it's enabled. But the only thing to the right of the address bar is the Duck Duck logo, which is the only other extension I've downloaded. I don't get it.... Gratitude for your continued assistance 🙂

  • Uninstall it and reinstall that Chrome extension. But remember that first you need to have installed the Opera Extension called, "Download Chrome Extension.". That is essential. (I provided the link for that extension in my initial post in this thread). I had TooManyTabs for Chrome on my computer, Opera 22, Windows 7, and it worked fine, so if it doesn't for you, I'm totally puzzled. I also use Windows 7.

    If you cannot get it to work, try to download another chrome extension (from the Chrome store. Just pick something else you might like. (As long as you have that Opera Extension, called "Download Chrome Extension" you ought to be able to). At this point, you need to make sure you can get a Chrome extension from the Chrome store. You can always uninstall it!!!! When you go to your extensions, Ctrl Shift E, you can easily uninstall any of them (or just deactivate them).

    Remember, after you click on the link in the Chrome store to download it, you still need to go to to your extensions. Ctrl Shift E, should get you to a list of your extensions, and then find it -- they are arranged alphabetically -- and you need to install it.

    And don't hesitate to post again. The new Opera 22 is designed is desined to work with extension, so it's a problem if you cannot get a Chrome extension to work with it. It limits what you can do. I'm trying to be certain you're doing this right.