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  • Why it was removed FVD Speed Dial add-on???

  • It seems that Opera no longer support extensions that interfere with the speed dial/start page.

  • You can still install the Opera version of FVD Speed Dial by dragging the nex file to opera://extensions if you have it. I found it on It won't override the start page anymore, but you can still get to it via the extension's button or by using the URL chrome-extension://pncpfofkienlinhfknpmgjnjhdoclfhh/newtab.html.

    The problem with the Opera version though was that it was always out of date compared to the Chrome version. The Opera version was basically a modified version of an old build of the Chrome version that used a different way to override the start page since the way the Chrome version does it has always been blocked by Opera.

    Now that even the Opera version can't override the start page (like the Chrome version), and the Opera version is no longer present on, you might as well just goto the Chrome web store and install the Chrome version (when you have installed). Then, you'll get the latest version of the extension that you could never get with the Opera version. It of course won't be able to override the start page, but you can get to it via the extension button or the URL chrome-extension://llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa/newtab.html. You can use the latter with the "open specific pages" startup option too if you want.

    The downside to both though is that left-clicking won't work on the FVD Speed Dial page anymore in Opera. You'll have to right-click a dial and choose "open in new tab". To work around that, you have to go in the extension's settings and change clicking to open in a new tab. Then, left-clicking will at least work that way.

    Of course, there's not much point in doing any of that since it doesn't replace the start page anymore. 😞

  • How nice, Opera decides its own speed dial must be used and so kills any other. I've used Opera over Chrome most of the time, but just the other day when Opera updated itself it killed FVD SpeedDial, a much better speed dial than the one Opera has created. FVD is prettier, more customizable, and more useful than Opera's speed dial, yet the swelled heads at Opera had to have their way.
    I'm an old-timer when it comes to computers. My first browser was Netscape and before switching to PCs I had several Commodore 64s, 128s and an Amiga. Yup, I started in 1973 with computers and bought my personal ones starting in the early 80s. So I know what I like, and what I don't like is to have companies dictate to me.
    Because of this, I am discontinuing the use of Opera and will be removing it from my system entirely once I migrate my bookmarks to Chrome. BTW, I also use two versions of Firefox, one older that takes the earlier extensions, and the latest one as well. but this one little thing has caused me to end my use of Opera since I began using it in over 20 years. Hope your decision serves you well.