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Has Opera Destroyed Their Own Brilliant Creation....?

  • I have been using Opera for about 7 years, for me the last good version was 12.16. It was a great interface and easy to use, now they have destroyed it and obliterated it and i'll tell you why.

    Where is the Sync feature that kept all your Speed Dials, bookmarks up to date on each device you used it on?, I specifically use this browser at work as the layout worked perfectly for me.

    Where is the the Menu Bar, I DESPISE the fact that so many programs out there think that clicking on ONE icon THEN getting access to the menu bar of which many features are NOT there anyway, iS efficient to use. NO IT IS NOT! There are lots of people out there including myself who like to have access to a proper menu bar and this is how windows was designed once it went onto a GUI.

    Where is the left side bar it no longer appears to be available?

    Why so many instances of ONE browser is open in Task Manager, it hogs a lot of memory - this is one reason why i HATE Chrome it messes up and eats up the memory I have.

    How can Opera just think that getting rid of the sync feature/Link button that used to sit at the bottom is HELPFUL to me? And cannot be bothered to update it and put this back in, now yo have to log into their website to get access to whatever yo have built up p- this is an OPERA SIN. They seem to just leave it a few versions and hope that people will forget about it and any new users will never know about it. there is now NO point in using Opera as it behaves as a run of the mill application like I.E. there is nothing SPECIAL about it.

    I now use a Mixture of Firefox because of compatibility and Maxthon because it behaves more like Opera used to do and the Push feature and sync feature is PRICELESS to me in the workplace.

    The only thing left that is VERY helpful is that it saves sessions or at least the last one you had open before closing the browser the recycle bin still allows you to re open the last tab you closed though i have to FISH and WADE through the browser menu to even FIND this feature that sat on the toolbar.


    [Closed. Please search before posting.]

  • I agree with you on all the line.
    I'm an Opera user since the first public release. I loved the way Opera innovated and introduced new features release after release.
    Now that they moved from Presto to Webkit, Opera has lost all its great features. Dragonfly, linked tabs, all the toolbars we were used etc.

    I'm going to use Opera 12.16 until it will be usable and compatible with new web sites, after this it will be a problem because I'm so used to use Opera that every other browser miss something that I'm used to use.
    Chrome and Firefox have a bad interface to me, IE is unusable, . . . It's a mess trashing so much work to build its own engine and move to webkit. There are so many browser that uses webkit, Chome and Safari for first that I don't see the reason to do such a move.

    Opera R.I.P. , I had great days with you


  • This thread must be closed.

  • I agree sidneyneto, the thread should be closed because it's a repetition of other threads.

    However, listen, anonyy, everything isn't the same as before. A lot is actually better, if you'd take the time to look. Opera 21 is significantly faster than the old Opera. It can access sites that the old Opera never could. It's an entirely different concept now.

    The Multiple processes going on in the Task Manager are to your advantage, so that if one part of the browser has a problem, the whole browser doesn't shut down or freeze. Here's a discussion of it.

    The sync feature is something that may be in the future, but in shifting from the old browser to the new -- and there is a different browser engine (the shift has been from the Presto engine to the Chromium-Blink engine -- one starts all over again. The programming of the browser has to be done anew.

    As to features, I don't necessarily need or want all of the features that you do. Nor do I believe the vast majority of users would want the features I want.. So why overload the basic browser with everyone's wish-list of features, and slow it down, and make it clunky (either in the load-up of the browser or the page turns). If there's need, let it be met via good developer extensions. So the new concept is that you get a basic browser , and you can add extensions -- either in the Opera add-on store, or the Chrome store. To use a Chrome Extension, all you need is the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension." Here's a link to the Opera add-on store.
    And here's a link to the Chrome store.
    With these extensions, you chose what to add to your browser, and you don't burden me with what you want on your browser. And the same for me. My wish list of features that I add to the browser aren't added to yours. I add mine via extenstion..

    The Old Opera (Opera 12) (Presto) is becoming and will become increasingly incompatible with websites. So the way to go is with Opera 21 (the latest stable version) which is a fast, minimalist browser, open to a wide range of extensions, and capable of giving a better rendering of sites than Opera Presto.

    As to the main menu bar, just click on the Opera Menu (upper right of the browser), and you can see the menu items. You'll notice that most of the items can actually be accessed through keyboard shortcuts, so in most cases, when you get the hang of it, you won't even have to click on the menu. The benefit of having the menu items this way is that valuable browser real estate space isn't taken up with a menu bar.

  • Opera 21 is significantly faster than the old Opera.
    How can it be faster when it bottlenecked by ping?

  • I agree sidneyneto, the thread should be closed because it's a repetition of other threads.

    Um. Like EVEY SINGLE POST YOU MAKE is repetitive.

    So you might consider just linking to previous discussions instead of posting the same thing over. But complaining about it and then doing the exact same thing you're complaining about is...