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  • Hello

    Would like to see an option for keeping history for given amount of time [with 'infinity' as maximum], as I often need access to pages I know I visited few months ago but they're no longer in history [it's really annoying].

    Let's consider an example. There was an interesting article, but you forgot what was its title. It's almost impossible to find it again, 'cause it was some other page suggestion, which was random. Not good.
    Another one: you're reading some chapterized stuff. History helps you remember what chapter was the last you read.
    Another one: you want to prove somebody you knew about something before some date. But how, when history's kept only for few weeks..?

    And so on. Firefox keeps history forever [at least did so when I was using it last time], and that is a good reason to use it instead of Opera.

    Okay, maybe a short text about how I would see it.
    I like it as it is in FF, which was: ctrl+h = history as it is in Opera. ctrl+shift+h = separate window with additional options.
    And now my idea: ctrl+h could be a limited history for faster use. ctrl+shift+h would load probably longer, but with all the collected data: addresses and dates. Still, I would rather like to have all dates of entry of a given page, contrary to what is in FF [where there is only a date of the last visit].


  • You may need to ask it to Chromium.

  • I don't quite get it. What's the point of asking Chromium, when I'd like to see it in Opera? I don't use Google products as they're the most counterintuitive ones I know.


  • Because Opera is based on Chromium and the limitation of the History range is a Chromium thing.

  • Oh, I get it now. That makes sense. Thanks.

  • This post is deleted!