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Please add .jpg file extension to downloaded photos

  • Please add the .jpg file extension to downloaded photos automatically for .jpg files. Currently, using the latest version of Opera for Mac (v. 57.0.3098.91) on the latest macOS version (10.14.2 Mojave), only the file name is included when photos are downloaded from web sites. Unfortunately, some photo editing apps, such as GraphicConverter do not recognize these files as photos unless the .jpg (or similar) extension is appended manually.

    Changing the download procedure in this way would save users of Opera an extra step they now must take in order to have downloaded photos properly interpreted by certain photo editing apps.

    Thank you

  • Maybe it's being hidden by the OS? Don't know about MacOS but Windows hides common file extensions by default.

  • MacOS does hide file extension names by default. I have always changed the Finder preferences to show them. File handling is much easier with those things visible.