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Here's everything to improve in Opera Touch

  • First, thanks to everybody that worked on Opera Touch, because it has improved a lot since the beginning, it really lacked some key features like private mode, search in page, desktop mode and recently the back button behavior. But it's still far from perfect, and I'll be comparing it with Chrome, that I used for years before it and that is, I think, its biggest competitor.

    Here's the list:

    • Back button behavior is still not good. To summarize, just copy Chrome's back button behavior, it's more coherent.
      -tapping the back button does not completely remove the tab (when it's opened from an app), in certain cases I still have to close it manually
      -if I close a tab in the browser, then click on a link from another app that opens Opera, then tap on the back button, then go back in Opera, the tab I had previously closed reappears (kinda hard to explain but it reopens a tab I had already closed)
      -when tapping the back button closes the tab and I manually go in Opera, all the other tabs have to reload even if they were already in the RAM

    • The tab list is not good: it's not smooth, you don't feel like you're controlling the tab when you tap on it (compared to chrome), and the list of tabs on the computer is a good idea, but it's not very well integrated, I couldn't tell how to improve it, but it just looks weird

    • It doesn't save passwords

    • Desktop mode doesn't work in all websites, for example Onenote Online (very poorly programmed but I didn't choose to use it and I have to use it everyday), for that particular website desktop mode does nothing and it's very annoying because the mobile website is absolutely horrible to use. (It works in Chrome by the way)

    • it's still less optimized than Chrome: it uses more battery and is quickly unloaded from RAM, for example Chrome can stay all day in RAM if I don't fill it during the day, but Opera is unloaded after less than an hour even if I have few apps opened (Oneplus 3 with 6gb of RAM)

    • The main page is not very useful, the icons are very big so there's no much space left for text and i end up not using it at all, it would be better to have smaller icons and the full name under it, and also replace "best websites" by something that is more based on history, because I still have Facebook and Amazon in it although I have never been on it for months.

    So that's it, if all these issues can be solved, this browser would really be PERFECT. I'd be very grateful if you can work on it, thanks!

  • I would also add OPERA TURBO DATA COMPRESSION!!!1! Please! And not like the one in Opera Mini but more like the one in Opera for Android, i.e. you can leave it on even while connected to WiFi and it would automatically switch the data compression off, as opposed to Opera Mini's behavior when users have to turn it off manually while on WiFi in order to benefit from the faster connection.