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Opera crashes on middle-click to close tab (TwoFingerScroll v1.0.9 + Synaptics)

  • I have been able to reproduce the following bug fairly reliably: Opera crashes when I middle click on a tab to close it. I am using a Win7 Home x64 laptop, 4GB RAM, Synaptics touchpad.

    IMPORTANT: I am also using TwoFingerScroll v1.0.9 (, to enable middle-clicking with a three-finger tap, as the touchpad doesn't support this by default. Please note that I have not noticed any problems while using the three-finger-middle-click (3FMC henceforth) to "Open in New Tab" links, nor have I experienced problems in other software.

    What I expect to happen: I 3FMC on (a) a link and (b) a tab. The link should open in a new tab. The tab should close.

    What happens: I 3FMC on (a) a link and (b) a tab. The link does indeed open in a new tab. When I 3FMC on the tab, however, Opera crashes. I repeat that I am using a 3rd party program to enable middle clicks on my touchpad, but it works everywhere else, even within Opera. It's just when using 3FMC to close a tab that Opera crashes.

    This occured on both the latest version (O_56.0.3051.52) and on a previous version (it was somewhere between O_53 and O_55, I think - Opera crashed, then updated, so I didn't get a chance to check.

  • The program TwoFingerScroll only sends a middle-click signal to the computer when I tap three fingers on the touchpad, as far as I can tell. This shouldn't crash Opera, should it?

  • I'm wondering if it might occur when I right-click and middle-click simultaneously (by mistake and over-sensitivity, of course) with the touchpad... I'll test with a real mouse.

  • No luck - it didn't occur with a real mouse. Anyone have any ideas?