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Suggestion on moderating user posts given regarding Opera on Windows

  • This is a suggestion regarding moderation of a forum post. Please note this is a suggestion regarding moderation by a moderator.

    moderator note:

    There is a proper forum for suggestions.
    One suggestion per topic. You can group those that are related.
    A suggestion is something that you would like Opera to have, remove or change, so there is no issue to be fixed.

    Someone who's native language is not english had a few suggestions about opera on windows. things they wanted to say about Opera on Windows.

    Some suggestions about browser:
    [1] When would be easy to choose search engine on speed dial widget? I am russian, but I not use Yandex, why I have to go to localstate file to edit? That would be amazing if this finally would be fixed. 😉
    [2] I really like Speed Dial - perfect and useful thing, but why still not possible to upload custom thumbnail to web-site I want (Opera don't have good (or even don't have) thumbnail in library sometimes). Please fix this issue!!!
    [3] Why sidebar always black? Why not to do it black on dark theme and white on light theme with black icons?
    (shows picture)
    I really like Opera - best browser. I want to make everything to that Opera would be the best. Thanks 😉

    [1] Suggestion: in Windows, please make choosing the search engine easier and default to my preferred search engine (no matter what opera may think is supposed to be my SE.
    [2] I really like Speed Dial -- suggestion in Windows Opera: it would really be helpful if I could specify my own icon or thumbnail for web-sites to make them more meaningful. There isn't aways a good choice in the built-in library.
    [3] Suggestion for Windows Opera: -- it would be nice if the user could customize their sidebar for a light or dark (or anything in between in any color) theme.

    I don't see where it says that 'suggestions' and 'feature requests' are limited to 1/post (though I do know/acknowledge that being easier for tracking individual features.

    Perhaps the moderator's first language is also not English and it sounding abrasive and 'short' was my imagination -- then again, the topic was closed off.

    If it really was off topic (maybe they would have different opinions and suggestions on another platform, I dunno) for the Windows forum, it would have been nice to have forwarded the group of suggestions to the proper venue. It also might be nice to encourage people to only include 1 suggestion/post as it [making up / guessing at reason] makes it easier for people to respond and focus on one suggestion at a time and/or makes it easier for tracking.

    I hope my giving a suggestion on how to make opera forum moderation more friendly, inviting and appreciative isn't entirely out of place, just that I felt empathy with someone having, perhaps more enthusiasm than knowledge about specific "posting requirements" and hoped that feedback on on the moderation would be take as a possible suggestion of how to moderate a user's posting behavior to greater effect and not potentially dissuade them from future postings.

    (FWIW -- I'm often too abrupt and short and come off sounding alot more abrasive than I intended, so perhaps I'm reading too much of my behavior into the moderation).


  • Not related to Opera, so closing it. Discussions about the forum should happen in Forum Feedback.