Emulator support for H.264 videos

  • I've downloaded the emulator provided by Opera for testing HbbTV compatible applications and it works without any problem. However, it misses support for H.264 videos and, according to Opera's guide, all you need to do is to download the libraries which are missing, i.e. gstreamer and libx264, and put them into the shared folder named plugins. Well, I've followed those instructions, but the emulator hasn't detected any library and hasn't played any h.264 video. Besides putting the missing libraries in the emulator by hand, another option is to download those libraries through the emulator by clicking on banner that shows up at bottom of the emulator player informing the h.264 is not supported. This option is easier, but doesn't work either; after clicking on banner the emulator tries to download and install the libraries, but fails again. Is there still an way to install H.264 codec?

  • Hi,

    Maybe doing it manually broken something. Delete everything and just try this one http://arc.opera.com/pub/opera/emulators/OperaTV/Opera TV Emulator 3.4.zip - it is best for developing app for Opera TV Store

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  • i downloaded the Opera TV Emulator 3.4.zip and get the same results as maxrosan?

  • Hello,
    when you launch the emulator it displays a dialogue which asks you to install the codecs.
    Without doing that the video feature does not work.

  • Hi

    I downloaded version 4.3 and when trying to install h264 codecs I get "installation failed". is it possible to install them manually?


  • I am having the same issue. Tried it on windows and on a mac.

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