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  • Hi, when I press the Alt key on my keyboard, it opens the opera menu. I do not like this and when I hold alt for rebloggging something on tumblr or for whatever purpose, up this annoying thing pops.

    I have searched the forums for a way to stop this but they are all for out dated versions of opera like 15; I am on 18. Examples of help I have seen is going to the Preferences, clicking advanced and editing the keyboard setup:
    like so

    I do [Alt]+[P] as it says, bringing me to this:

    There is no advanced tab or keyboard set-up section.

    Also, on this page, it says that [Alt] + [F] will open the menu, it does, but I do not need to press [F] top open it.

    Opera "help"

  • Customising the keyboard is not possible yet in Opera 18.

    In Opera 11.64 or 12.16 you cannot disable this behaviour of the Alt key either. Note that the menu does not popup until you release the key, so you can, for example, still use Alt Tab to cycle to other Windows applications without bringing up the menu.

  • Do you think it will ever be possible? Is it worth downgrading to an earlier version of Opera?
    I know that it doesn't pop up until after I release [Alt], but like I said, it still pops up on tumblr.

    On this post in my reply, I tested to see what key combinations I could use with [Alt] so I tried [Alt] + [P] it opened up the settings and sent this page to the "Post Preview".

  • Iā€™m not sure if something recently changed, but I am now getting unwanted menu popups upon Alt-tabbing when I return to Opera. Can anything be done about this?

  • Yes, this thing is really annoying.
    I often use Alt+D (on windows) to focus the address bar.
    But when I release the D key a bit early. The menu will pop out.
    What a bad experience. And it is useless, because all of items in this menu have its own hot key.

  • Hi @neo-xix, if you want, then you can use one of the others default keyboard shortcuts for this function: Ctrl+L, Ctrl+E, or just F8 šŸ˜‰

  • @l33t4opera: Yes, I know. But Alt+D is the best and easy for me.
    And I know a better way is return to Firefox also.

  • Yeah, i experience this thing to. But i mostly use alt+enter to search in a new tab. But even if i train hard to release alt key before enter, this menu pops up either. Dear developers, please, set another key to open menu.

  • I faced the same problem - I'm using online software that uses Alt+Mouse to rotate camera view and I was annoyed seeing Opera menu pop up every time I rotated camera. When I understood that in new Opera customizing keyboard isn't possible, I tried to make a custom extension that will just run the script everywhere and disable default Alt's action on every page, but that turned out harder than I thought. Then I found this Violent monkey Extension, that lets you execute your custom scripts everywhere or just on specific websites.

    Just add this script to the extension and you're good to go.

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name    Disable Alt key
    // @include http://<specific site's domain>/*
    // @grant   none
    // ==/UserScript==
    window.onkeydown = function (event) {
        if (event.keyCode === 18) {
  • @redcapshortcut Sadly seems like this does not work anymore. Any other tricks to prevent it?

  • This post is deleted!