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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm not sure if this is a topic that is already being discussed or not. I searched for 5-10 minutes before posting. If it has already been brought up, please post the link down below and I can remove this post 🙂

    Feature in question:
    What I was wanting to discuss is if there is a possibility of adding a feature where you're prompted for a password before accessing all synced data. I was thinking that it could possibly function in 2 ways.

    • When you start Opera for the first time, it prompts you for a password. Once you plug that password in, you're granted access to all Passwords, Bookmarks, Download History, Search History, etc. If you can't provide password, then you can't access any data. (Mozilla has this feature)

    • Force Opera user account to logout when Opera is closed or on sign out. Removing all of the data with it. Then when you start opera back up, it'll prompt for you to login to your Opera account. Once you provide the Opera account password, it'll then pull your user sync data. (I think Chrome uses this method?)

    Pain Point It's Solving:
    This solves the pain point of leaving your browser data vulnerable if you were to bring Opera with you when at work and or school. For work for example, if Administration were to reset my Windows password and get access to the account. They could essentially open Opera and have full access to everything. All of my synced passwords, my bookmarks, search history, etc. So password sync is essentially unusable for me for this exact reason.

    Other Comments
    As mentioned above Mozilla has this exact feature under "Forms & Passwords" labeled "Use a master password". Love the feature and think it's great.

    I think Chrome also has a similar feature, except it's tied to the Google Account. So if I were to sign out of Chrome from a specific computer, it'll remove all user data with it. Then once I sign back in, it'll pull that data back down. (More time consuming, but secure nonetheless)

    When you sign out of Opera on a specific computer, it explicitly says that it'll cut off syncing, but the data will remain on this it seems like the feature is close to being a thing!

    Would love to know everyone else's thoughts on this!

  • How does it relates to synchronization? By the way, you can already password protect your synced data.

    To avoid people having access to Opera and any other software or data in your computer, just use a password to login into your OS and add users for others to use it when needed.