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  • I've been a Chrome user for years. Recently testing the waters with Opera. So far, I've been very impressed. It has a very clean interface, lots of cool features, and lots of customizability.

    With that said, I have taken note of improvements and suggestions I have noticed during my normal use of the program. They are listed below:

    Feature additions/enhancements:

    • Change VPN IP every X time period
      It would be nice to have an option to find a new location on a specified interval.

    • VPN exception list (VPN won't run on selected sites)
      This is good for sites you must log in (email, etc.) that verify your location. If a new location is detected, you must verify with phone or another method to make sure it's really you logging into this account. An exception list would prevent this hassle. (Also the hassle of turning off/on the VPN).

    • Custom mouse gestures
      I was very excited when I saw built in mouse gestures, but then disappointed with the lack of options and customizability. It would be great if the user could add more gestures as well as customize what action is assigned to them.

    • Ask to translate pages
      It would be convenient to ask to translate pages not listed in your language section. Chrome does this and it was useful.

    • Likewise, when you select foreign text, this should be translated into your browser's language. (Much like currencies, time zones, etc).

    • Different user accounts
      Another feature from Chrome that is very useful. You can have a Guest account, one for your kids, one for your personal, one for your work, etc. Browser settings are unique to each account and can have different themes, bookmarks, extensions, etc.

    • Block non-secure (HTTP) sites
      Or at least show a warning declaring the site is not secure, prompting the user to enter anyway (unsafe) or leave the site.

    • Change bookmark folder icons (and ability to hide them)
      This is not as "important" as some of the others, but it would still be nice to have the ability to change folder icons, or the option to hide them entirely.

    The following are various improvements that can be done to enhance usability:

    • Ability to view extensions not shown in toolbar without going to extensions page
      It can be annoying going all the way to the extensions page and unchecking the "hide in toolbar" just to check an extension. It would be nice to have a hamburger menu on the right that opens a list of "hidden" extensions.

    • Clicking buttons in side bar (settings/extensions/etc) should open in a new tab, not replace the current tab
      When you click on a button from the side bar, it replaces the tab you are on. In many cases this is not desirable. It might be okay if you could middle click and have it open in a new tab, but it doesn't even do that.

    Next are features I have seen in extensions that would be nice to have built-in (no one likes installing extensions!)

    • Built-in user theme system (Similar to Stylish/Stylus)
      Change appearance of websites by installing themes and skins or writing your own (CSS)

    • Built-in privacy and tracker blocking (Similar to Ghostery/Badger)
      This will block trackers attempting to get information about you or your habits.

    • Built in cookie editor (Similar to EditThisCookie)
      It would be great to have a verbose cookie editor (manually creating/deleting/editing cookies).

    • Built in session manager (Similar to SessonBuddy)
      With this, you can easily save and come back to browsing sessions.

    Web tools:
    If you have done any web development anything, you will know these next features are very convenient. I was excited to see a built in screenshot tool, and these features would be in a similar vain.

    • Built in color picker
    • Built in ruler
    • Built in protractor

    Finally, here are a few possible bugs I have found regarding the Dark UI Skin.

    • Dark UI does not appear when you click in a bookmark folder

    • Dark UI does not appear on extensions/history/downloads/bookmarks page

    Overall my first impression of Opera was good, and even surprised me. Above are just a list of various improvements or features I would like to see. Having these features would without a doubt make Opera the number one browser out there.

    Sorry if some of these have already been suggested, they are just what came to mind while using it the past few days.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Next time, one suggestion per topic. Related ones can be grouped in the same topic.

    By the way, most of the suggestions were already made.

  • @awesk8 said in List of many features and improvements:

    Ask to translate pages

    would be really usefull feature

  • another thing that will be usefull is a built-in Password generator like Chrome have.

  • I agree that it was a mistake to remove the content stylesheet that Presto Opera had. Now I have to use an extension to apply a stylesheet to web pages.

    Since some sites have only HTTP pages, blocking those would not be a good idea.

    Why would anyone want to hide bookmark folder icons?