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Option for opening links in external apps.

  • I am aware of the reasoning that URLs should not open in external apps for safety reasons. However, in Android at least, the OS itself gives you the option to define whether specific URLs will open in an external app or not. There's no reason for the browser to prevent the user from being able to open URLs in external apps at all when you can define it, within the operating system, on a per-app basis.

    This issue is effectively the sole reason I decided to discontinue using Opera on my mobile and desktop devices.

  • I'll say this: Opera was the ONE browser I found that worked well in terms of syncing and cross functional support.

    The fact that Android intents didn't work on Android devices made me uninstall the browser from everywhere.

    Nobody wants Youtube, instagram, etc opening inside the browser if they have an Android phone.

  • This post is deleted!
  • I agree! Firefox now offers a button to open the current page in the appropriate app. Samsung Internet does this by default, just like Microsoft Edge. Only Opera in the mainstream browsers does not have this option.

    I do not uninstall Opera because Flow now works with more than one device, but the lack of this feature is a shame.

  • Since Opera has no public issue tracker, no public roadmap, no nothing, a forum thread asking for a feature is all we have....

    So, here's another disgruntled user, giving up on Opera for the lack of basic features...

  • @veggen-0 I really like Opera for Android, so I've been persisting for years assuming this very annoying issue would be resolved soon. Surely with the number of people asking for it here and elsewhere! But it still hasn't so I'm using Chrome more often and looking at other options.

  • There is already an option to open certain links on an app.

  • @leocg Great, where is it? And what does certain mean?

    Asking for the benefit of future visitors. It's been a year and I've since switched to Vivaldi. I loved Opera Touch UI but couldn't get over it not cooperating with the rest of Android.

  • I've also switched to Vivaldi. Good to know this was eventually added.

  • @veggen-0 In settings > Site Settings.

  • @leocg I've tried this and it seems to work for YouTube but none of my other apps (e.g. Twitter). I see a list of sites with permission to always open in external app (with only YouTube urls in it), but I can't see any way to add to it.