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VPN feature request: List of sites to control the way of retreaving them.

  • Re: VPN for single sites (especially for search engines)

    Hello dear staff team! I am looking for the very similiar function as in the topic stated above, but not only because of search engines and I like to suggest a slightly different way.

    There are sites out there that offer different content depending on the location you are retrieving the site from, because they don't want some functions available in specific countries and for those sites I need the VPN function to pretend I was comming from somewhere else. At the same time, some sites (like or often don't work using a VPN. (Actually, the mentioned sites ask you to do captchas in continous loop, because they "recognized strange traffic from my IP" and when this happens, it is hard and often impossible to prove the site, that I am human, because after solving the next captcha appears.)

    Of course this is only about some sites and for that I like to suggest you a list of sites, which are ALWAYS loaded through the VPN (=even when the VPN function is disabled in the location bar but activated in the options) and one list of sites, which are NEVER loaded through the VPN (like you offer it already for the primary search engine). You already got a very similar setting for the control of cookies where you offer lists of sites to completey block, completely allow or delete after close. This option I hope to have for the VPN experience as well.

    Sincerely, Blumensis

  • Duplicated. The request is exactly the same as in the linked topic: a way to select in which sites the VPN will work.