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My MSN Not Working Anymore With Opera 21

  • I'm using Opera 21.0.1432.67 on Windows XP (I know...). Until a few days ago, there were no issues with Now when I go to that page, after fully loading, all I have is a blank screen. I've cleared cookies and browsing history, rebooted, etc. The page is working fine with all other browsers, including Opera 12.16 and Chrome (after about a minute of loading).
    Any ideas on what the issue might be?

  • I'm using Opera 21, and it's working fine for me, though I'm in Windows 7.

    Now here's someone who had the same problem with Firefox. Take a look at the discussion with ideas, as it may help you.

  • I have already posted this (but slightly edited) for someone who is also having problems with Opera 21.0.1432.67

    Do a search (in windows) for the folder '21.0.1432.67' (there should be only one instance). In the search results, right click that folder (21.0.1432.67) and select 'Open containing folder'. A new window should open up which contains that folder (21.0.1432.67) and (hopefully) at least one other folder with a load of numbers for it's name (maybe 21.0.1432.57 ???). If there is, then you can safely delete the folder named '21.0.1432.67' and see if things are working for you again.

    One caveat though, Opera is set to auto update, with no direct user controls to disable this, so one of two things could happen after you delete the above folder. 1) the update goes well this time and things work as the should, or 2) things don't go well and you are back to where you started.

  • The ideas from the Mozilla discussion, relating to whenever you have one site that doesn't work, is to clear cache, delete all cookies from the site, and maybe try the site disabling first ad or flash blockers, and see if that makes a difference.

    Now the poster already has cleared cookies and browsing history, so all that leaves from the Mozilla discussion that may help is the idea of: (1) clearing the browser's cache (The poster does that in: Opera Settings (Alt P), Privacy & Security, Clear Browsing Data)(Browsing Data includes more than the history, but also anything that may have been downloaded associated with a site); and (2) disabling ad or flash blockers if he has any.

    Otherwise, the idea of going back to the earlier version makes sense just to see if that makes a difference . . . I found interesting that the person in the Mozilla discussion had a very similar situation. The MSN.COM site showing up blank/white in the browser.