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  • My menu does not have a "Show Toolbars" option. It does not have a toolbars subsetting in "Settings" the Inport bookmarks button is not active - these are just a few..... My Main Menu is totally different that the one shown in Opera Help. I can't figure out how to do anything....

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  • You use Opera 21, not Opera 12.


  • Yes, thank you. That is my menu - however, that really doesn't help me as I said, the import bookmarks is not active - it does nothing. I have no tool bars to guide me and essentially, other than search on the internet and save to Speed Dial, I cannot do anything. I am dying to get away from Firefox and IE and Chrome, but I as I said, I am lost.

  • also, on 21 if that is where I am at, why is all help info directed to another version? - How can I find help for Opera 21?

  • You should install Opera 12.17 to get much nice features.

  • This thread is in the wrong forum section.

  • First, in Opera 21, I'd activate the Personal Bookmarks bar. (Settings/Browser (Alt P), User Interface/Show the Bookmarks Bar. Once activated, you can right click on the bar and add a folder to it, and name that folder. If you're on a website you want to bookmark, you can drag the icon of the website (it's all the way to the left of the address bar) to the folder, or save the website (by right clicking on an empty space on it) to the speed dial, and dragging the link (thumbnail of the website) from the speed dial to the Personal Bookmarks toolbar. This becoming becomes simpler, if you download the Opera extension, Add Bookmark.
    Then you have a star on the right of your address bar. Any time you're on a page you want to bookmark, right click on the star.

    With Opera 21, you can use the Bookmarks Importer feature, if you have bookmarks in Opera 12. And you can easily move bookmarks from Firefox and Internet Explorer to Opera 12, by exporting as HTML from one of those browsers and importing using the import feature in Opera 12.17. Then open Opera 21, and, if you haven't already, activate the bookmarks toolbar (Settings/Browser (Alt P), User Interface/Show the Bookmarks Bar. Then go to the menu, More Tools, and click on Bookmarks Importer. The bookmarks you put in Opera 12 will be imported to Opera 21. You have a choice to import them in the Speed Dial or the Personal Bookmarks Bar. Most people chose the Bookmarks bar and use the Speed Dial for their most visited or favorite sites.

    In the Speed Dial, you can create speed dial links (thumbnails) of sites. If you move one thumbnail over another, you can create a folder of sites. You can do a lot with this folder feature if you choose. And also, you can easily add wallpaper to make the speed dial beautiful. Opera 20 is called Opera Blink. It has a new engine and is significantly faster than Opera 12.17, and can better access a wider range of sites. Also with Opera 20, you can use virtually any Chrome extension in the Chrome store, as long as you have the Opera extension, called Download Chrome Extension.
    You have to download that extension first.

    In addition to the Personal Bookmarks toolbar, which I told you how to activate, I also find useful a Bookmarks Manager extension. There are choices there. The one I like and use is called Neater Bookmarks,
    Others that I've tried and think are pretty good are Chrookmarks for Chrome, and Tidy Bookmarks (in the Chrome store).

    Here's the Opera add-on store.
    And the Chrome store.
    There's a lot that's useful in each.

    I enjoy Opera 21 a lot. Best of luck!