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Issues with Flash once again when playing videos

  • Hello Everyone!

    Over the last month or two I havent been able to watch anything on HBOGO, Xfinity, or anything that requires Flash. So today after spending nearly 2 - 2 1/2 hours troubleshooting my issues I've made no progress and decided to make this post seeking advice from you wonderful people 🙂

    In a nutshell I attempted pretty much every recommendation I found online (toggling Flash options, adding my site to the exceptions list etc) which nothing worked. I went a head and did a "Recovery > Reset my data and Opera settings" under "opera://update/" to see if that would help and to my surprise it did!!!! Unfortunately when I signed into my Synchronization account to pull back my bookmarks, passwords, etc Im no longer able to play Flash videos making me think the issue has something to do with my Opera account?

    For the life of me i can NOT figure out whats causing this issue. I compared setting after setting between both my Sync account and whats selected by default after doing a full recover.... I even preformed a reset sync and unchecked the settings box under the Advanced Sync Settings but nothing!!

    Has anyone else ran into an issue like this before and was able to figure out the cause and fix it?

    Any feedback is much is much appreciated! 🙂

  • @nickt15 said in Issues with Flash once again when playing videos:

    Has anyone else ran into an issue like this before and was able to figure out the cause and fix it?

    Users have posted about Opera Sync messing with Flash before. But, I don't recall anyone figuring out the exact setting that was causing the problem.


    Does it make a difference if you go int Opera's settings and then sign out of sync? I wouldn't think so, but, give it a shot.

    As for comparing settings, I'd look at the Local State, Preferences (and Secure Preferences if it's there) files with JSONEdit. Might be easier to see changes. Using a diff utility to show the exact difference between copies of the files before the first sync and copies after the sync (with no settings checked in advanced sync settings), might be the best way to go.

  • @nickt15 hiyas ^_^

    i can recommend this addon

    Once installed, open desired website, set plugins+napi plugins to allow (popups too if needed) and that's about it. Open that webpage in new tab and flash content should play automatically.

    i have used this addon since Opera 49 and never have had any issues with it. Still works like a charm.