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Opera won't start

  • @im5049,

    Can you provide a screenshot of the error !

  • Here's a copy of the debug log:
    [0517/] Failed running Opera.exe
    [0517/] Failed running Opera.exe
    [0517/] Failed running Opera.exe

    I believe the first numbers are the time. The code 274 looks like the error code.

  • This kind of crap happens with Google Chrome too. Guess this now happens with Opera due to it being basically the same browser with a skin.

  • @im5049 Sorry, what I meant to ask was how do you execute Opera to generate the debug file, and where does it put it?

    I dunno, I guess it's back to Firefox/Pale Moon for the moment. I really liked the new Opera's speed, since I'm one of those people who leaves a browser open forever between reboots with large numbers of tabs. It handled it quite well, and it has a nicer tab style than Chrome, if an awkward bookmarking system. (Seriously, stop trying to "revolutionize" bookmarks!) I don't like the rounded tab edges to make it look like it's a file folder (thanks for adding them, Australis).

  • @asplode - I tried just double-clicking both the 'launcher' and 'opera' exe files in the opera folder. The debug file gets created in the opera folder. I also tried a right click and 'run as administrator.' Nothing works.
    As I mentioned, I think it is an access problem, although I have no idea why it would happen now and not before. I have an administrator account, and my permissions say I have full control.
    Sadly, it's back to Firefox.

  • @im5049 - So you didn't do anything special to generate a debug output? That seems odd... I thought there had to be a compile-time flag or a command-line argument or something.

    I'm tempted to try Opera Next, but whatever tabs I had open/stashed won't make the jump, will they? I wonder if it's as simple as installing Opera Next, then overwriting whatever profile Next creates with the Stable profile folders I already have.

    I can't believe I'm considering going to a potentially even less stable browser... sigh.

  • I submitted this via the bug report form and pointed it at this thread, so maybe some good will come of this. Who knows?

  • I did too, back when this first started.

  • Using Opera 22.0.1471.50
    Win 7 Pro, i7

    Installed for the first time, have admin rights. Unable to launch opera, giving error:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: launcher.exe_Opera Internet Browser
    Application Version: 22.0.1471.50
    Application Timestamp: 53844fb6
    Fault Module Name: launcher_lib.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 53844f8a
    Exception Code: 80000003
    Exception Offset: 0000cec0
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 16393
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Debug File in installation directory reads:
    [0617/] Failed running Opera.exe

    I have tried every thing mentioned above so if someone find something helpful please reply.

    Opera guys screwed a big time.

  • Have same issue, Opera will open only as administrator. Problem is the permissions and ownership of the Opera folder needs to be changed. However, there is no easy way to change permission and ownership. The instructions from M$ and elsewhere on the net only work about 1 in 100 tries, M$ made it much more difficult than it needed to be especially since its just a nuisance feature added during Vista. Have no idea what caused all the permissions on my system to change other than the M$ update I downloaded and installed last week; till themn everything worked fine. Would like to see a script that would just make all folders accessible by everyone. The problem is easily corrected in Firefox by deleting the parent.lock LOCK file in the Mozilla profile, but its not that easy with Opera. Regardless, if you need to check the permissions and ownership of the Opera folder.

  • Found a script-in-a-zip file thats available from that takes ownership of folders in Windows 7, 8 or Vista. There are actually two; one to install the take ownership script, and one to un-install ownership script; I tested both which worked fine.

    I opened Windows Explorer and went to C:\Documents and Settings, then right clicked on the user profile I wanted to own the folders, and selected "Take Ownership" from the menu. The process was complete in minutes. Opera then opened as it always did without having to right click and "Run as administrator". Reason I performed that method was so I would have access to every folder on my hard drive and never see the access is denied error message again.

    Hopefully this may help some Opera users.

  • so i have been using opera without a problem, whilst going through my downloads i clicked the install application. i went to close but it asked if i wanted to accept and upgrade, so i clicked on it. now im being told that i cant use opera as i dont have sufficient privileges and to contact the admin of the machine which stupidly enough is me as there is only 1 account on here and its mine and im the admin. i have tried over and over to reinstall it and its still not letting me use it. which is really pissing me off as it was my default browser so i just had to download firefox to get on here and find out what the hell is going on. not to mention i have now lost ALL of my business bookmarks so now i have to try to recover them somehow.

  • Right click the program and click 'Run as administrator'. That work?

  • Hello , im using opera for a long time. Never did updates nor instaled another version. Now i turned my computer on and it doesn´t open, I cheked task manager there is nothing, tried to use comand didn´t work. I also tried to reinstal but it wont uninstal. I don´t know what to do. please help!

  • Hi, My opera is the latest version but for some day now have not been able to use it keep asking me to contact the administrator and the account I log on with to my Laptop is part of the Admin group I don't think I have to call the main admin(with cmd) to make it work right?

  • Hi, I also had same problem with OPERA, unable to open . I tried all the tricks in my bag none worked. Finally I tried
    cleaning with "Adwcleaner which is an ad ware gleaner, now its owned by Malwarebites, it is a freeware.
    Try it.

    Good luck
  • Welcome to Opera's forums @Vadanan!

    Then, that solved your Opera start problem?

    (Despite this thread is more than one year old)

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  • Hi,
    I am using Opera For more than two years now, This opening problem started only two days back, Since Opera is my favourite browser I tried reinstalling, no luck. I reinstalled again after Registry cleaning, it worked for some time again problem started could not open Opera .As a last resort I used Adwcleaner and Opera is working fine now. My OS is Windows 10 32bit


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