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Please add Qwant to the default search engines

  • Suggestion/Requests may or may not be accepted. Also, adding a pre-defined search engine may depend on an agreement between the parts.

  • In the beginning of this topic, zalex108 presented a “workaround”.

    I tried and tried, but it doesn’t work for me.

    Should it still be working? (I might be doing something wrong).

  • @lapsang

    Since has been posted, I think they fixed the hole for the workaround.
    Also, the flag has been disabled, at least on Dev doesn't appear anymore.

  • @leocg

    Not allowing your users to set ANY search engine they want is a problem. Opera needs to become more open to suggestions and they really should communicate more with us. Tell us why you can't do something immediately. Tell us your ideas. Respond to our ideas.

    I was here when they released Opera Mini for BlackBerry. Good times, so many discussions, ideas, the dev team was communicating all the time. These forums are now basically dead and I find that really sad. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Opera, but communication is something they really need to work on.

  • To be honest:

    The main and only reason I went back from Opera to Firefox, is this search engine issue.

    This, and the fact that this forum does not send notifications per e-mail, explains why I see the replies only now.

    Thank you very much for your explanation, zalex108.

    We’ll have to wait for maybe a change in the future.

  • The forum sends email notifications if you enable it in your forum settings.

  • Thank you very much, leocg.

    Earlier on I couldn't find it.

  • what about search encrypt?
    It's better because it's encrypted and doesn't pass any law. 😉

  • I do not think that adding more and more pre-defined default implants is a good idea. Ideally, the user would have the choice to remove or disable (hide) selected ones and add their own.

  • I don't think I'm gona keep Opera if they don't allow users to use the default search engine they want... It's the most annoying "Bug" on this browser !

  • Qwant just launched their new maps service:

    More info:

    Come on, Opera, it's time to add Qwant.

  • Created an account to bump this. Dont really understand why Opera would not allow this? I mean it's not hard to do? I've been using this browser for last few years and really like it, but this is a bit of a deal breaker. Just re-installed Firefox.

  • @mastarob

    I switched to Edge Dev a few weeks ago and I'm not planning to come back to Opera. The only thing I kinda miss is Opera's speed dial, but whatever.

  • @smnstrk
    I just tried Qwant Maps. It is very slow to update when one moves the map.

  • I'm adding myself on the list of other people who want to see this feature in Opera. I think it would be OK for a European based company to support another EU company, especially the one that respects privacy.

  • @jeanpetric Opera is owned by the Chinese now! I am currently trying out Vivaldi, made by previous Opera employees. Its pretty good.

  • @mastarob Opera is still a Norwegian company.

  • @mastarob You're wrong. Opera does not owned by the Chinese. Check it out:
    Search "norw" in both sites.

  • @jojo0587 Opera is owned by a Chinese group but it's still a Norwegian company.

  • Yup, HQ in Norway, but I still wonder why the Chinese would want to pay $600 million for a western browser. It is not like they lack to talent to create their own for the internal market. Perhaps it was just an investment, but with China you always have to question motives. Data gathering etc.

    Also since posting in this thread before, I realised that the reason you cannot add quant etc (I am current trying out Swisscows for search, awful name but surprisingly good), is because the main source of income for browser companies in general is from having google as the default search engine. By Opera limiting available search engines, it funnels more people to google. Plus, I expect that by not allowing users to add alternatives, they can then negotiate with and get royalties from other search engines to let them on the list, like yahoo and bing, certainly amazon (lol duh). DDG are an interesting one, I just did some digging and yes, they do offer royalties. Ultimately, allowing users to add search engines would be trivial for Opera, therefore there must be a financial motivation to not allow it. I am sure this is it. Unfortunately, it will drive some people from the platform, but perhaps the thought is - what the hell, those users werent going to be making us money anyway? Which I can understand. But still, it does mean I'm gone, and not coming back :).

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