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new version of opera without asking for it, lost everything

  • we had a power cut an hour ago. once it came back on i started the pc to find big changes.
    there was a different opera browser[for linux] installed!
    all the bookmarks and notes i'd saved over a long period of time have now vanished! all the settings i had are gone.
    i cannot believe it. i'm really fuming about this.

    i don't know what version of opera i now have, i presume its the latest as the bookmark menu is now hidden away.

    why did this happen?
    was the loss of electricity anything to do with it?
    any way of getting my notes and bookmarks back?

    i've read these forums and i've seen lots of users pissed off at opera, however this is the first time i've been so annoyed myself. the first time i've thought about giving opera away after all these years.
    they have no right to take your current opera version away and replace it, or is that somewhere in the preferences that needs to be un-ticked?

    why can't they leave the browser alone? they're always fiddling around with the thing. adding stuff, losing stuff, thinking that is just what we want them to do.
    things don't need to be constantly tweaked!
    sometimes when things work well they need to be left alone. what is wrong with these people?

  • Probably no such thing ... the default setup in Opera 12 hides the entire menu bar. But you can easily see which version you have. Just go to the menu and find About Opera, or even type opera:about in the address bar. But Opera for Linux hasn't been updated for over a yaer, and on most distros can't update itself.

    If you lose power while Opera is writing to a file, of course that file will be corrupted and may no longer be readable. Close Opera. Open a file manager and go to ~/.opera/ to see if there are backups for your bookmarks and notes present, If you see a file named bookmarks.bak and it is not empty (and reasonably recent but before the power failure) you can delete bookmarks.adr then copy (not rename - you really want to keep the original in case there are other problems) bookmark.bak to bookmarks.adr. Do the same with notes.bak and notes.adr. Then restart Opera and see what you have.

  • And then maybe think about investing in a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), especially if you are susceptible to suffering from power cuts/outages where you are located.

  • The powerloss killed some Opera settings/files in ~/.opera/ or even parts of your harddisk.

    Please restore them from your daily backup.