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  • I'm trying the "new" Opera 20 and hating the new look and can't find the RSS feed. I'm i correct in thinking that this thing has no RSS feed? And where can i skin this thing too not look like a cheap Chrome rip off? And where is the mail integrated functions? WTF is this?

    Am i understanding things correctly when people in the forum seem to be saying this new "improved" version absolutely lacks every advantage Opera had over other generic browsers? And that the old Opera 12 i was using won't be getting updates to keep it compatible with new web standards? Is this so?

    If the answer is yes to the above can people who aren't crazy about these "improvements" point me to whatever browser has hope to match Opera 12 and still get updates to the rendering engine?

  • At this point there doesn't seem to be RSS in Opera, though I would think (hope!) they'll add it one of these days. In the meantime, there's an extension for it:

    As for your other concerns, yeah... there are a LOT of things missing now. But I hope it's only temporary as they continue developing the new Opera, and bring back most of the features/functionality we once knew. Be aware, though, that they've already established that not everything would come back. We just don't know what exactly that means.

  • Would be useful to know exactly what will be back because right now this browser is useless for me. And to have to install extensions for something that used to be working flawlessly out of the box is just aggravating. Features in applications should not get in the way of simplicity, but they shout be there if you need them.

    I'm just using Opera 12 until i'm forced to drop Opera for good if things don't improve soon.

  • The Discover feature of Opera is similar to a huge rss feed, and it changes every day, with 14 subject areas with different content for maybe 36 countries and multiple languages. You can see what people are reading in a wide range range of subject all over the world. And try reading in a different language. 😉

    In addition to that I think Feedly is super.
    Just go to the link and easily download it to your Opera 20.

    And I use this Live News Feed out of the Speed dial.

    I know extensions take a little work. You can easily download them. It's really pretty easy to adjust. And in some areas -- via extension -- there are more possibilities than you ever had before. The speed dial page can be customized with beautiful artwork. Opera is in significant areas greatly improved. It's faster, accesses better a wider range of sites, than Opera 12. Opera is putting its energy now into developing the new Opera. By the way, it's already up to Opera 21. Work on Opera 12 is frozen. Still Opera 12 certainly has unique featues that as you say, come out of the box. So it's great, as long as you like it to still use it. It's your choice.

  • I installed "download chrome extension" it allows you to add chrome extensions to opera 21. I then installed "RSS Feed Reader" from the chrome app store. Its working great for me so far. I also installed adblock, passlink, and privacy badger (privacy badger is from the chrome store) without any issues. I'm still trying to figure out how to skin this browser without any luck at this point. I hope they allow skins soon.

    I hope that helps!