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Links do not open in external apps

  • Hi, I love Opera but there is one thing I miss: the choice to open links in their dedicated apps. I don't really mind to watch YouTube movies in the browser, but when it comes to my banking apps, I really need those! Firefox for instance gives you the choice and that's really nice. Is this option being developed?

  • To open the links on the dedicated app user has to open the link on a new page, suppose you want to open a link on the app then you have to click on the link like open in a new tab or page. Then the Opera will ask to open the link in the new tab or to the dedicated app. By here you can select the App.

  • Are you sure? I've tried that a couple of times, but it doesn't work at all...

  • I have the same problem. Tried "open in new tab" but no luck. I want to use the YouTube app so I can easily cast to my smart TV. Other links don't open in their default apps either.

  • Bumping this. I get stuff about privacy or whatever, but there should at least be the option to use external apps. This is honestly going to be putting me back on Chrome as my default browser.

  • @svdoesum Agreed. I really like the way Firefox does this, in that is shows you an icon in the address bar that will open the URL in an associated app, if available. Would love to see something similar in Opera mobile.

  • I've been experimenting with

    Open link with app to get around this.

    It is possible to set it as your default browser too, in advanced settings, so links to Twitter will open in Twitter for example.

  • @robertmark What he means is: hold long on the URL, like when you want to copy something, pops out that small context menu ( copy/cut/select all ), in this case, would appear as first option the related app logo and if you tap on it would open on the app , Still, I find this unnecessary steps really bothering ... !!
    Check the screenshot you'll know what I mean
    alt text

  • @colinleath actually now you get at least this 🙂 easier and no more extra apps 😜 alt text

  • @hhz Thanks for your reply. How did you get that popout menu? I have Opera version 51.3.2461.138727 last updated 26/04/2019 on my Android Galaxy S7 and I don't see that. Is this a feature in an update not yet released for all devices?

    Also, it looks like that menu comes from long-tapping the address bar. Do you also get that from long-tapping links in a page?

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