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Newest version of Opera won't remember passwords

  • @mgeffro
    What was wrong with the way the previous version was storing passwords? What was wrong with using cookies for authentication?

  • @mgeffro WHat about if we don't use Opera to save login details (using a password manager)? Do we have to say no every time we open Opera? btw my password manager (Dashlane) stopped working at the same time, could it be related?

  • @concretable Previous version was also using Opera Safe Storage entry in keychain. Problem here is that we had to change team identifier due to legal reason from Opera Software ASA to Opera Software AS which requires our users to allow this new identifier to access previously stored items using old certificate.

  • @mgeffro My son had the same problem yesterday and Opera Safe Storage does not work anymore. This morning, I'm stuck with that. None password works and just having Opera's dialog box break keychain use for other applications. Some iCloud services won't work until reopening the session and then the keychain.
    And I can't even look at the stored password in the keychain, it cannot be decrypted.
    Shortly : no good password anymore for Opera Safe Storage and Opera's opening break other services using keychain...
    I have to choose between a degraded Opera version or keychain. What's the mess ?

  • @bjgg could be related to how Dashlane handles certificate verification. We got some details from Little Snitch developers in on how it works in their application. Perhaps similar case is related to Dashlane you are using,

  • I also have this issue, I didn't get the prompt, is there a way to get it so I can back to remembering my passwords?

  • @mgeffro How do you get opera to allow it to access Opera Safe storage item In Key Chain Access. I did not see any dialog sking for tis permission

  • i accidentally click deny when prompted to let opera use keychain, how do i turn back time?

  • @oomslokop if you press deny or just accept it should ask you again after you start Opera again.

  • @tonino123 @juliemccrann when Opera starts (after you fully close it) it should show dialog asking for access to Opera Safe Storage with three options (Always Allow, Allow, Deny). You could try to manually just try running Keychain Access application on your macOS and adding Opera application yourself.

    I'm attaching screenshot showing this:

  • @faisduvelo Opera is only accessing 'Opera Safe Storage' in keychain. It should have no access to other items or break it in any way as it's controlled by your operating system. Could you try checking instructions I've posted above on how to edit 'Opera Safe Storage' keychain access manually?

  • @misterarthur Same problem here. Also can't download any files. Basically, the browser has become mostly useless. Pity, as it had quickly become my favourite browser.

  • @misterarthur I got that prompt. It was the first I knew of an Opera keychain. Once I skipped that step, all passwords were gone and none can be imported from other browswers or saved

  • @mgeffro I closed Opera and restarted it. No prompt. And I was once again signed out of everything. As a QA Analyst and Tester, I would have found these glaring issues and not allowed this release to go live. Basically, Opera is now useless having previously been the best browser out there. Suicide?

  • @acapaloff are you sure you are not using any third part software which does additional check of certificates? We are aware that our certificate change did cause problems with at least 1Password and Little Snitch.

    As for detecting issue and stopping release. Sure we could have handled it better. As QA Analyst you should know better than anyone else that it's not possible to detect all bugs or asses their impact in all cases.

  • @mgeffro You can add Dashlane to the list of third party software that no longer works.

  • Yesterday, I couldn't even find the right password for this and the only option was ESC, destroying keychain use in several application (for example, unable to send iMessages anymore after that). This was tested several times after restarting OSX.
    This morning, I just gave my sessions password and click Always allow and everything seems fine, I can even see Opera's Safe Storage password, which was impossible yesterday... and I am not fool, that password wasn't mine.
    Did nothing except verifying the rights for Opera Safe Storage concerning Everything was correct, so nothing to change. But it works now.

  • I lost a lot of time understanding why Dashlane extension was no longer working on Opera (on Mac OS 10.11): due to the automatic update of Opera and its version 53 which cuts the communication between Dashlane and its plugin (via the extension "Install Chrome Extensions")! So I found (with difficulty) on the Web how to disable this automatic update: -auto-update-on-osx, then reloaded version 52 which solves the problem. I am surprised that an update of Opera is incompatible with an add-on as important and popular as Dashlane. I think I can not no more wasting so much time in case of new bug so annoying and I will change broswer.

  • So, because of one change to a certificate, that means that Opera needs access to the keychain forever? I cannot stay logged in to anything any more unless the password is in the keychain?
    That is pretty crazy. None of my other browsers behaves that way, since persistent cookies work fine.

  • @concretable said in Newest version of Opera won't remember passwords:

    So, because of one change to a certificate, that means that Opera needs access to the keychain forever?

    Only to its own Keychain item that it put there itself, the Opera Safe Storage. Opera doesn't have access to any other Keychain items.

    I cannot stay logged in to anything any more unless the password is in the keychain?

    The password is not in the keychain - it saves an encryption key in the keychain that is used to encrypt your cookies.

    That is pretty crazy. None of my other browsers behaves that way, since persistent cookies work fine.

    All Chromium-based browsers behave this way.

    There is more information available in this blog post as well: