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where is home button in Opera 21

  • I switched from Opera 12 to 21. Everything is great, except the fact that I cannot find home button. Is it really gone? Someone please help! And where is Appearance or Preferences in the menu???

  • It's not quite the same as before.

    I use the Speed Dial for my home page, so whenever I want to go home, I just click a new tab (or press the keyboard shortcut, control T, and get the speed dial (The Speed Dial will always be the new tab, unless by extension you change that). So I don't miss a button to go home. If you want just one link to a location on the internet as a home page, you can make your new tab that link (and then just click on a new tab or press control T) if you want to go there. Here's the extension, Custom New Tab Page, that I use and can recommend in order to be able to do that that:

    You can even set up an address to something internal in your computer to open as a new tab with that extension. I guess I'm saying if you make your new tab the home that you want as what you call a "home page," then just click the new tab, and you're there. If the home is on your opening tab, then don't close that opening tab, and just click on it, or go there though keyboard (control tab)

    If you want you're home (or rather opening pages) to be a set configuration of pages when you open, just go to Settings/Browser, and put a check in what you want. You can have multiple pages as a home page.

    As for Preferences, there is an Options menu. It's not really that much related to appearance. You can, however, customize your speed dial appearance very well with themes.

    As for the size of menus and things like that, if you use Windows 7 (8 probably also), there are ways to adjust the size of things in the Personalization feature of Windows, that we have been posting about today. Otherwise, some appearance options can be gotten through extensions in the Opera or Chrome store. You can use almost any Chrome extension, as long as you have the Opera extension, called, "Download Chrome Extension."

    Of course, with Opera you can continue to Zoom, or use keyboard alternatives to adjust print size.

    Glad things are mostly working out. It may take a little time, but soon you'll be flying!

  • This one seems better to mimic a home button, it'll let you open the page in the current tab and has the aesthetics:

    PS. Opera promotes the use of "Continue from where I left of" start-up setting by default so the idea is you keep the pages you use often always opened, opposed to the use of a single page where you want to return to always (why close it in the first place?). Personally I'm happy with it combined with the links I want to have at hand in the Speed Dial. When I pile up many tabs, I right-click the last tab I want to keep and select "Close tabs to the right" before closing the browser.

    Other suggestions:

    • Bookmark your desired "home page" in the bookmarks bar or Speed Dial.
    • Set the desired page as a page to open at the start-up in the settings and never close it. 😛
  • There's a Start page(Home page) button next to Reload. I'm using the latest Version on the Win Vista o/s. 32 bit.