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  • First of all I couldn't find a technical support forum on here. If this is the wrong place please be so kind to move it there dear moderator, I looked around and couldn't find a better fitting place.

    Secondly I have to really restrain me from not swearing around because my mood is pretty hot.

    EMAIL HOTMAIL why is it that after months this is stuill not working? I can not log in to my hotmail and many seem to have it just go google hotmail opera problem and you'll find numerous posts all over the net. I come to the log in screen and enter my log in but when I hit enter or log in I instead of being in my inbox or mail service can't get past a blank page. And NO this has nothing to do with me doing something wrong or my pc it is you.

    SENDSPACE I can not upload anything to that place because it does not respond to me clicking on it. hard to describe... You gotta click on the button and then a window will come up where you can select the file you want to upload. That used to work but since i dunno how long ago it does no longer work. I can not use the search. the quick search works but the normal one does not.

    YOUTUBE various problems from buttons overlapping to parts of the screen overlapping again hard to describe to all sorts of visual problems. Also sometimes the video stops loading and all bunch of other problems.

    FLASH sometimes opera crashes when I think there's a flash application somewhere. I noticed it crashing often when I browse flash gallery sites.

    BOOKMARKS GETTING DELETED One faithfull day all my bookmarks were gone. Thx a lot! You have to come up woith an auto save for the bookmarks every 1 week to some save place on my HDD because Opera has this habbit to delete bookmarks. It used to happen once long ago and now a part of it is gone.

    I know that it is you who is the problem! I do not have these problems when using IE or the Steam browser. i do not have any attachement modifications or anything I use Opera 12.16 and omg the newer versions look like horsedung especially next. A heart symbol replaces bookmarks really?

    Don't make me look for an alternative! I warn you! I am desperate as I do not want anything from apple nor google nor IE nor any hipster casual stuff. Fix my opera! 9 ruled.

  • It is the right place, but you should read the forum rules before ranting.

    Posting Rules (Use a descriptive thread title)
    How to post about problems with specific sites

    If you want help, calm down, and focus on one problem at a time. One thread per issue is best, and please search before posting.

    Keep backups then you won't lose important data, whether it was due to human error or any other error. If it's not important enough to make a backup, then its not important enough to get angry about it.

  • This post up there is as much effort as I will put into it. I do not need help Opera is the one who does. I can fix all these problems myself by uninstalling and using Firefox or something else.

    I am not asking for too much am I. Just want my browser to be capable of browsing the internet. Do that and I can continue to recommend opera to my mates.

    What version am I supposed to use anyway? I am really confused if 12.16 is ok or are they dropping it in favor of the new ones? Why do I have to ask this in the first place.

    Thx for the reply and try to keep this discussion up its for our all good.
    I read the rules now and probably violated the one about staying on topic. Not like it would do any harm.

  • You're the one with the problem. Opera are getting on with developing Opera 18+

    I am still using Opera 11.64 as it works for the sites that I use. Others are making do with 12.16, which is the latest version of Opera using the Presto rendering engine. Development has stopped on that now. No one cares any more about sites that don't work with Opera 12 or 11. You either have to use mask as IE or Firefox, or update your Flash, or open the broken sites in another browser.

    Opera 18 should work on more sites, since it's uses the Webkit/Blink rendering engine. However, it still lacks many features that people need from the old Opera, so most of us are not using it, except for testing or for some broken sites.

    Originally posted by neroopera:

    Why do I have to ask this in the first place.

    Because you missed rule #1 — Search before posting.

    You could also read the Desktop Team Blog to learn about where Opera is now heading.

  • Just another observation... Opera's forums are user-to-user. Jumping up and down, ranting and raving is not going to gain you anything but being ignored. The kind folks who almost always respond in these forums are merely other users just like you, willing to take their own time to help those users with problems or questions, based on what they themselves know or have experienced with the browser. The forum rules exist to keep order and to assure that legitimate questions have a fair opportunity of getting answered; the forum search is there because much of time, a problem or question has already appeared in the past, so the best answer then is still likely to remain valid now. The browser and forums are free... full Opera tech support is not.

  • Just gonna come back to say that I settled with YANDEX. Its pretty much Opera but without all that google trash like that big fat google search field in the speed link screen. I can highly recommend it. Look it up. Most Opera extensions work with it btw.

    So long.