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Disable URL completion in search box

  • I would like to disable the URL completion in the search box (I'm using the latest Opera 21.0 version). How would I go about doing so?

  • If you have Power User enabled, it's in Settings. You just take a check out of completing the URL.

    Here's a thread that discusses it.

    And here's a link on how to enable Opera's Power User Mode

    Please note that you go to settings, and then click on a place outside the searchbar, before you follow the instructions about use of the arrow keys, that is: up up down down left right left right b a

    On settings/browser, put a check in always show Power User settings.

    The control should also appear in Opera:flags (which you put in the address bar). From there, you can do a search for "url" to find it.

  • That's not what sirdan221 is asking for.

    He seems to be talking about the address field auto-complete (or the inline auto-fill of the end of the typed URL based on history), which I don't think there's a way to disable in the latest versions of Opera.

  • Thanks lem729, for the suggestion but as rafelluik pointed out the issue isn't showing the full url when I type a shortened form, but rather the auto-complete suggestion based on past browsing. One way to stop autocomplete is to delete the browser history, but I have to remember to do that. I would just like for the auto-complete to not be there by default.

    So there really is no way to disable it?

  • I'm sorry, AFAIK there's no way to disable the address field drop-down auto-complete URL suggestions neither the inline auto-fill.
    I edited my previous post to remove the mention of the "prediction service" setting because all it does in Opera and Chromium is to remove the search engine suggestions from the drop-down and not the matches from history and favorites.

  • @sirdan221

    How about something like the Chrome, Click and Clean extension, which can be set, i believe, to delete private data when exiting the browser.

    Because then 🙂 you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting.

    Here's a review of it:

    And if for some reason that one doesn't work, there may be another which can do it 🙂

    Good luck!

  • The extension, Click @ Clean seems to hang at 85 percent loading. BUT it shows up on my extension-icon bar, also when I go to the Chrome page for the extension, it lists it as "added to Opera" and when I open the extension to the main page and click on options, and scroll all the way down, one can put a check in "Clear Private data when Chrome closes." (and you can select which types of data will be automatically deleted). So it might still do it for you what you want, even if you're having a loading problem at 85 percent. The rest of the extension, at first blush seems to be working fine too.

  • So is there something like Click and Clean for Opera? I think automatically erasing the search history when I close the browser is at least part-way towards what I would like to see.

    Interestingly, it seems that Internet Explorer does offer the option to not save your URL history at all.

  • You'd have to get the Chrome Extension Of click@Clean. i don't think there's an Opera extension of it, though you can check. I'm not at my desktop right now to make certain. You know that you can download and install a Chrome extension in Opera as long as you have the Opera Extension, "Download Chrome Extension." IE's approach sounds pretty good. I think with opera, you can set it not to keep cookies after the browser is closed, but that's not enough for what you want. As long as you can remember. I think " control shift delete" is the keyboard shortcut to bring up the privacy stuff for deletion. So it can be done quite quickly if you get in the habit. A good habit,;) and you"re sitting on easy street.