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  • @jmpellizzer Showing your support for the feature and giving user cases related to the subject is the best thing to do.

  • @leocg :

    Use case 1 : Pre-scan
    Here there is a procedure, and one is adding the key for the repo. But I want to check what is offered in the repository, so I select, right-click go to web address, and I am on the repo page but I lost my procedure walk-through since it opend on the same page.

    Use case 2: Dead search

    Same applies when a search result is a dead link. I select a part of the displayed URL (on the second line for google, last line for duckduckgo), right-click go to web address, but even if I find something, I lost the google results page...

    Counter Use case 3 : URL in PDF

    If you apply the select to a raw text matching a URL pattern, it opens in a new tab
    If you click on a link, it opens in the same tab, destroying the PDF also...

    Use case 4 : Curiosity

    When browsing to find how to get the Ubuntu version anme below a Mint install, I found (this)[]. Seeing, the BUG REPORT URL, I am curious about it, so I select , right-click, and the target replaces my current search result. (And in this particular case, I would like to have it opened in background, since I most probably come back to it later, when my first problem is solved. But having to go back to my previous page is just a matter of Ctrl-Tab, so not a real issue here).

    Use case 5 : URL in text mail in webmails

    Nextcloud mail app, e.g., does not transform links from raw mails (body link or disclaimer link), so I need to apply the same procedure and lose my webmail window.

    I will add more when I find one, but I think it covers most of my uses
    I hope this will give some weight to the request 🙂

  • @concretable that's what I do as well, but you must agree that is not very handy, is it? hehe 🙂

  • @concretable said in Go to web address (new tab):

    What I do in that case is copy the address into the clipboard, then press Cmd-T, then Cmd-V, then Return to get that page to open in a new tab. (It would be Ctrl-T, Ctrl-V for Windows.)

    I found it faster to use Go to web address, duplicate the tab, and go back to restore previous page. It obvioulsly work on non-submission page, else they will expire.

  • I absolutely agree: I used Chrome & Firefox a bunch of years and I feel like the "new tab opening" while clicking on "Go to this URL" is THE normal behavior of that function. Very strange that Opera didn't implemented that natively.

    @Opera developers: you know what to do on the next update 😉

  • It would be even better (and I believe we can expect that from opera) when selecting an URL, shows that lovely automatic option || search || copy || send to my flow ||. For example, when you select currency, it automatically converts and shows the option to copy it. If it's a web address, but not a link, it could shows an option saying "go to web address", and of course, open a new tab.

  • @jbrandon sorry to tag you on this, but just to understand further how the forum works. How can we get attention on this matter? What best practices?

  • @jmpellizzer You do the request /suggestion or show your support for one already done, that's all.

    And you have to wait at least two months to 'bump' any suggestion /request here in the forums.

  • @leocg @jmpellizzer Trust what @leocg says is my advice 😉 we've got good mods. Once it is written on here, it open for people to discuss it, support it, potentially get it developed, etc. So you've done all you can for now

  • This post is deleted!